Sunday, February 26, 2017

The Nutella Fudge & Marshmallow Cake Recipe

Hi guys
 I want to share a very simple and delish recipe to try at home, specially for those who are Nutella obsessed and also for the ones who love melted and crunchy marshmallows.

For this cake, I must admit that I didn't follow any recipe or picture, I was just inspired to give a birthday cake to my sister in law. I bought from the grocery store the following items:

- Eggs
- Coconut Oil
- The chocolate fudge cake mix from Betty Crocker
- Nutella
- Mini marshmallows
- Chocolate Chips
- 1 Kinder Bueno,
- 1 Twix unwrapped bites and
- 1 bag of Reese's

After having all these ingredients:
The first thing was to put all the cake mix into a bowl, then you add the eggs,
to this cake I added just two, it all depends on how big the cake will be and then you add a cup and 1/4 of water. I decided to add a cup of chocolate chips to make it thicker and sweeter than usual.

Next step is to preheat the oven to 350 degrees

After you have all  the cake already mixed, you just need to put the plain cake inside the oven for 35 minutes don't let it to much time, because you want it to be soft and chunky.

A big recommendation is to let your cake rest and cool for 20 minutes then you can start the decor.

How to decorate?
1. Nutella is going to be your most important topping here, it will let the marshmallows to remain in the cake. So you will fill all the cake with the Nutella, you can grab a knife to do this and just fill every spot.
2. Put all the marshmallows on top, this requires a lot of patience, do it step by step, marshmallow by marshmallow, if you want your cake in a very professional way.
3. You will need to put the cake again inside the oven to melt and crunch the marshmallows, but only for 3 minutes. It's essential to keep an eye to the oven for those 3 minutes, sometimes they melt in 2, so you need to be very careful. This step will determine all the success for your cake.
4. Lastly, you will smash the Kinder Bueno chocolate for the filling in the middle, after that,  you will add on top the Twix bites and the Reese's (the quantity is optional).

Wish you all the best doing your cake!
Have fun
xx. Laura

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  1. Wow! Cant believe its so easy! Definitely need to give this recipe a try!


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