Friday, January 18, 2019

3 Little Secrets to Get the Perfect Tan

What can I say about getting the perfect tan in a cold country like Canada? Well.. To be honest, I've never felt so grateful about sunny days ever before.
Back in my school days, when I used to live in Colombia I remember how great where those weekends when I used to invite all my friends to the pool, those were the best days, we tanned for hours!
For all these years, I got to say I turned into a professional when I comes to tanning, I tried so many tricks, at the end I always stick with these 3:

1. Make your own carrot juice 
By using 5 carrots, 1 cup of water  make you own blend and drink it 10 minutes before you head out to the sun, this little thing will make an entire difference, it will speed up your tanning process and so your colour.

2. Split your tanning sessions in different days.
The best thing you could do if you want to have a tan for more than 2 months or so, is to divide your tan in sessions, don't ever try to do this in just one day because you will end un with a massive burn and all red.

3. Buy a good tanning oil 
I'll list my favourite ones down below, but before you purchase any, make sure:
- Your type of skin
- How many hours are you going to be in the sun
- Don't forget to hydrate your skin after you shower.

Let me know if have any other recommendations!
x. Laura


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