Monday, July 25, 2016

Defining Your Style

Hi Loves! I know it has been a while since the last post, I've been running errands lately between one city and another.. Soon I will tell you what this is all about! I'm very excited!! But for today I'm planning to explain how to define your personal style under 5 main keys, so here we go!

1. Know and visualize yourself. 

Knowing yourself is one the most important things when you are deciding what are those best deals to wear, specially when you are planning a very special occasion, planning things with time will help you creating new styles and will give you an idea of what items you are missing for that amazing outfit you are planning to go through.

2. What you know it looks good on you.

Always try to know your body and take into consideration what pieces always look good on you and avoid others that don't, for example I'm very tall so I know that certain types of stripes makes me look super tall so I'm very cautious when I pick this type of style. We all have different types of body's and in the market we have thousands of options, so don't ever settle telling that fashion is for only certain kind of girls because is not. 
Nay, is the perfect time to start being creative and start mixing vintage( your old wardrobe pieces) and new styles around.

3. Try not to be a trend following.

I love trends because they always come with something new and fresh, but basically the things is that they bring the same for everyone, so take them as an inspiration and a way of recreating yourself. 
The clue here is to always match things that goes with your style and most essential is to feel comfortable in whatever you'll be wearing, this is the key on every outfit you combine. 

New trends are not always meant to be follow, they are some that goes with you and some of they are not, for example, overalls, they are trending; personally I don't like them on me, but I love them on other people. Not because this is on top 5 trending you will need to buy it.

4. There's a enormous difference between being sexy and being vulgar. 

A huge disclaimer comes out  between this two words, Going out half way naked it's never going to be sexy! As ladies we always need to watch out this little details that speaks louder for ourselves. The cleavage is something that we always need to think before wearing, like having our proper size, is more than important.

5. What are you trying to communicate with your outfit. 

We always speak through our clothes, this is the thing I love the most from fashion, each of us have a style, furthermore a message to deliver, we pass by many steps in life and we always have something different to say and also a different way to dress, sometimes we feel rocking on something comfy but the next day we have a interview with the company of our dreams, so keep in mind what message you are trying to deliver while you are planning your entire outfit.

Please remember that trends are going to be out there, but your style is the only one thing that will make you different from the others, remain yourself always! 

Have a good day lovelies! With love Laura.

Photos by the talented Paula Vergara.

Friday, July 8, 2016

3 Breakfast Recipes on the go!

Rise and Shine Ladies! Many of you have requested me some recipes of my breakfasts on Instagram, so today I will give you everything you need to make your morning happier and healthier!

1. Oatmeal Waffles- Pancakes

Basically this recipe goes out the same for my waffles and pancakes, the only thing that changes is the waffle maker, I recommend you this one because it will make you spend less time than if you do normal pancakes on the stove.

What you need to have:
- 1/3 oatmeal cup
- 4 white eggs
- Stevia
- 2 spoons of almond milk ( or the milk you use)
- Chia seeds
- 1 little spoon of baking powder or Sodium bicarbonate
- Vanilla extract
- Cinnamon to taste

For Chocolate:
- Cocoa

- Syrup and fruits after they are already cooked.

The first thing I put on the bowl are the eggs and the stevia, I put this two ingredients in the blender about two minutes,

Then I add the chia seeds and after that the cup of oatmeal, at the same time I add the spoon of baking powder, then I put the vanilla extract and the cinnamon in case of making normal waffles if I opt for chocolate waffles I don't add the cinnamon and vanilla, but only the cocoa.

After they are done cooked, I start organizing my plate always with coffee by my side, it could either be hot coffee or frappuccino which I love.

 I also add to the plate some fruits like banana, blackberries and blueberries sometimes strawberries too and finally I add my sugar free syrup, you can use the one you like the most! This is important because it will give a good touch of taste to your breakfast!
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