Friday, September 30, 2016

The perfect fall coat with VIPme

Photography by Tina Pham

Get this coat here

Now that fall is here and summer is officially over, it seems like all our wardrobe needs to be updated. Colors are totally different for this season, we all know! Here I'm wearing one of my favorites colors for fall in order to change that black and white routine we usually use.

This VIPme coat got my attention because the design of the coat is very simple, but yet elegant. I was attending a meeting in the morning and after that I went for lunch with a friend, so the outfit I was wearing fits both of my occasions. I love all the coats from this brand because they have so many options and colors that we usually can't find everywhere. I opt to match the whole outfit with everything in black leather.

The combination here, I must say it was so effortless. Basically, the coat is the main accent of the whole look. The quality and texture is great, plus is so cozy and perfect for rainy days.. here in Vancouver this is practically daily. 

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Wish you all a great fall season!
xx. Laura

In collaboration with VIPme

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Weekend in Victoria, BC

Good Morning lovelies! I went to Victoria a week ago to visit my brother and his girlfriend, I was so excited because Victoria has the best references, and yes all of them were true, I'm stuck with this city, it's beyond gorgeous.

My favorite thing there was the blooming flowers in every corner and the ancient architecture a lot like Europe. I went to amazing food places, I recommend Cora's for brunch, another amazing place I went was Marble Slab, an amazing hand-crafted ice cream, insane! For those tea lovers I recommend the afternoon tea at the Fairmont Empress Hotel, the place is beautiful, very elegant, perfect for Sunday.

The best thing of Victoria is walking and walking until you can't go further, I couldn't make it to Burtchart Gardens because Sunday schedules were crazy that day.

Basically, everything is in Downtown, main restaurants, stores, Parliament buildings, the Inner Harbour, RBC museum etc.. The city is little so it's difficult getting lost while you are there.

I took the ferry from Vancouver and I was able to watch the whales, this is actually another thing to do - the whale watching tour- while you arrive to Victoria.

x. Laura

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Hermès Artisan, Now in Vancouver

Elegant and impeccable pieces are just words to describe one of the best french brands we have nowadays, Hermès Artisan has arrived to Vancouver from the 21 till the 25th of September, to share with us how materials are transformed.

Located in the Jack Poole Plaza, the Hermès artisan came to show us 9 performs starting from:
The Leatherworker
The Saddler
The Watchmaker
The Roller
The Glover
The Silk Printer
The Silk Engraver
The Porcelain Painter and
The Gem-Setter

I came out so happy to learn what is the behind process of the Hermès products, all the crafters came from France, however they have an English translator behind them, so everything is well organized, from the details till the the knowledge provided directly from the top crafters who are working with the brand. It was an honor for me to be able to see how they set the stones into a piece of jewelry that takes 140 hours to be finished, definitively my favorite part. I recommend to visit this exhibition, it should be mentioned that it provides free admission!

So if you are in Vancouver don't miss the chance to see this,
Wish you all a great weekend!
xx. Laura


Friday, September 16, 2016

Fall In Red

 DressClutch and Sunglasses Here

I've always wanted to have a beautiful and comfortable red dress which I can travel with anywhere, no matter where I go. There are many types of red dresses that I am obsessed with, but the only one that I really like is the red wine type, like the one we all know from Valentino.

Going out with this comfy dress from Zaful it was pretty amazing. The bottom of the dress has this incredible sleeves that when you're walking, the sleeves are moving along with you, which gives the dress an attentive look. I decided to order a size M,  because I love to look elegant, yet being able to walk around freely and not worry if this dress is tight or not, plus the fact that I'm tall so I didn't want to take risk, in case if it wouldn't fit me.

One of my favorite parts of this outfit I must say is my bag. I love the black and gold tassel details in the middle because it defines the sophistication of the dress. Besides, I choose this little clutch to play the perfect match, as I just need to put my cards and keys inside. With such a great outfit, I went for classy lunch that day at the Provence Marinaside here in Vancouver. It was a beautiful and sunny day so I complement my look with the new collection of Zaful sunglasses.

x. Laura

In Collaboration with Zaful

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

How Do I Edit My Instagram Pictures

Hello Girls! Capturing the perfect moment has turn today into a common topic for every girl who asks how do bloggers always post the perfect morning moment, outfits and the famous flat-lays. From my experience, no one born taking perfect pictures, this is something that requires a lot of patience and playing with angles. The first thing you need to consider before seizing your moment is the lighting, I prefer day pictures because everything is radiant as the natural light which is the best one! Especially the one between 8:00 to 10:00 am. The second part is playing correctly with colors and not exaggerating them, too much things in a picture is not the best idea.

The third one is The editing part, probably the other 50% not because you have a good location or a great outfit that will give you the perfect picture. I love Facetune and Afterlight apps especially when you manage a whitish feed. I never use Instagram filters, personally I do not like them, but I do play a lot with the Illumination and Contrast, depending on the picture I graduate the percentage of both, try to not exceed the contrast, the max should be 50%. 

After that I return back to Facetune or Afterlight,  I usually use Whiten option and details on Facetune, it makes the picture a lot brighter and polished, after that I use the Smooth option and Finally I return back to Instagram and use one more time the Illumination and Contrast Option , I love playing with colors and seeking for white backgrounds because that gives a very aesthetic look to the entire picture making it complete.

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