Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Styling The Teddy Coat

Aside from the comfort of wearing almost your duvet, this trend has officially survived several winter seasons now. The teddy coat movement is one of those fashion blessings... it warms you up from the cold and it matches with almost everything! Seriously sometimes I even want to sleep with it. 
 The good thing is that with this coat you are able to be your own fashion guru, you can style in so many ways and it will look super cool anyways.... If you want to keep it casual you can style it with some jeans I have even wear with my satin pj's to do grocery shopping and no kidding it looks super cool, this time I wanted to show another way to style it, plus you can't go wrong with all black everything anyways, am I right? I honestly love when you purchase something and you can style it in some many ways, this coat is this kind of item, you will feel so good after getting it and it will keep so cosy all winter long.
Now, In a hunt for one? There a thousand of styles in the market and for any kind of budget, you can easily find them online from $50.00 and ahead , these are some good examples and they have in multiple styles and lengths
To be honest, visually there's no much difference between the cheap and the high-end ones.. at the end they all look like a teddy, puffy and extra cosy.

Outfit details here:
Coat and Gloves: Shein
Purse: Chanel
Sunglasses: Céline
Clothes: J.Crew
Watch: Porsamo Bleu


Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Fall Pictures in Stanley Park, Vancouver, B.C.

I'm not going to say much on this blog post, I just think pictures speak from themselves. 
To me it's incredible being able to live in such a beautiful country as Canada is, not to be kidding I feel lucky and blessed everyday because this is something that my eyes will never get used to... all these little things are the ones I appreciate the most and we should all do in any place we live.
Pictures were taken in Stanley Park, Vancouver, B.C. I would say this is the most beautiful park in the entire city where every season has is own spell of magic. 
Thank you all for reading!
x. Laura

Saturday, November 10, 2018

How to Pull a Monochrome Look

Back in the day when I was studying fashion, I remember seeing the monochrome look trend on WGSN coming strong for the next upcoming years.
Being able to pick a color an make a statement out of it, it's definitely a gem.  

So how to pull a monochrome look together?
First thing, pick a color and stick to it. Think on 3 things, a color that you are comfortable with,  your hair and skin color. 
Second, a monochrome look can be pulled in many different ways, a nice skirt with a tee and a blazer is cool,  and don't forget the classic trouser, top and blazer look as mine, this option is more elegant, but it all depends on the occasion and what the place you are heading to.

Mix textures to make it different 
As we are talking of something visual adding a different dimension to your look it would definitely make you stand out. 

complete your look by mixing different fabrics like velvet, silk and many others, theseare ways to make your outfit look  more interesting than what others are usually used to see on the streets.

Positive things of wearing a monochrome outfit:
You can pick which parts of your body to accentuate, remember darker tones on those parts you don't want to focus and light up the ones you want to emphasize on.
want to look taller? This trend is so good on petites, it helps to streamline your look and give the illusion of height. 
The darker the color.. the better! dark colors works best as they make you look leaner and with this... taller!

Thank you all for reading! 
xx. Laura

Sunday, November 4, 2018

How to Unbox Products Like a Pro


Friday, November 2, 2018

5 Layering Essentials You Need To Know

Hi Loves,
I've said this so many times.. but my thing is to mix and match layers all over. Getting creative between colors and textures is such a great thing to do because you are capable to set new trends and get the best of you during any season. Plus who said that you can't dress amazing during fall and winter?

These are the 5 main essentials:
1.  Seek inside you closet 
and take out your main pieces for the season,
this can be a black coat, leather anything, boots, etc.
2. Get playful around textures 
believe it or not this is also a great way of turning your outfit into a major statement,
As an example try to mix velvet, leather, fur, anything cozy and something that you feel totally comfortable in.
3. Add a Pop of Color!
This essential is very personal, I really feel that giving contrast between colors is such a nice way of adding an extra spice to your look.
4. Don't make it too bulky
Creating a cohesive look is also important, make sure to add proportions and stick with only one big item, it doesn't needs to be your coat it can be sweater, a scarf, wide leg pants (as mine) and give the right touch with your accessories.
5. Have fun and be confident
I'll never get tired of saying this, but whatever is on your mind, your project to others. Make sure of feeling yourself while you walk with the outfit you created and S L A Y!


Thursday, November 1, 2018

Vegan Bowls For Breakfast

Morning Everyone! I love sharing with you guys my healthy breakfasts on Instagram and this delicious vegan bowl is definitely a recipe you guys must try.

I call it vegan because behind the fruits and the yogurt layer there is an almond flour mug cake which is also a paleo-friendly recipe.

The way I make this breakfast is super simple: 
In 1 coffee cup, I mix the following: - Tofu, 1/4 Almond flour or Coconut flour, 1 spoon of stevia, 1 little spoon of baking soda, and 2 spoons of water.
You can also add blueberries or chocolate chips to make it way better!
I put it in the microwave for 2 minutes.
After this is all cooked I put it inside a bowl (as in the picture) and then I just add the yogurt layer, I used almond yogurt, and then I always like to add my favorite fruits, coconut chips and that's all. 
This is a very complete breakfast as it has proteins and healthy fats. You will feel full I would say for at least 4 hours. 

x. Laura
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