Monday, August 29, 2016

Getting Ready For Fall

Hello Ladies! This weekend temperature has been crazy to me, I must admit that I'm not that comfortable with cold temperatures due to my forever summer weather in Colombia, here in Vancouver is obviously different, the positive side of this is the clothing that leads this type of temperatures, I love getting dressed between fall, winter and spring, getting creative between my looks is so entertaining to me. 

Recently, I received this beautiful and comfortable dress from Shein, which is perfect for fall- The color I must say is gorgeous because is very elegant for this season. Another thing to add is the comfy texture, with this dress I don't feel the need to have another blouse under or jacket, so the dress itself brings a stylish and warm look .

I like to add black accessories to polish my look even more, like the black scarf. Adding personal touches to your look turns your outfit totally unique.

Finally the extra touches that comes from having the perfect look for fall is the hair styling and your own makeup favorites.

Wish you all a good fall season!
xx. Laura
In collaboration with Shein


Monday, August 22, 2016

A Simple Classic: Black X White

Hello Girls! Few days ago I had this elegant lunch celebration,  I had no clue hours before what was going to be my outfit, I decided to seek into my mother's closet and I found this awesome flared vintage pants, which I decided to put it together with my favorite go to: White - I love this look because is so simple and yet elegant. You can't never go wrong between these two colors!

Sometimes fashion comes along with recycling, I really never thought that years later I was going to wear my mother's pants, it was really fun to picture this and showing it now to all of you!

Styling your pieces is one of the best things, you add what you like and take away what you don't. Just remember to know your style and keep your favorite closet pieces well saved! .. Because fashion trends always return back.

Photography by Paula Vergara


Sunday, August 21, 2016

Love x Style x Life Review

Hello Girls! Today I'm planning to do a short review of the book Love x Style x Life by Garance Doré.
I bought this book new on amazon and I got to tell that has been amazing, it helps you not only to know aspects of fashion, but also of beauty which is excellent because many of these could be unknown to us. 

So the book contains 5 main chapters which are divided by 

This book is very french as you may know Garance was born in France so she basically shares a lot of french tips a lot like How to Be Parisian, but in a personal touch, explained by her personal experiences in the world of fashion.

I think this is a must have book for those bloggers who love fashion and are always encourage of learning new things in a cultural term, as you may know fashion can be lived very differently in certain parts of the world as Paris and New York which she also brights up the difference between these two.

Is entertaining to read because is very dynamic, it has a lot of beautiful pictures as well as quotes, magazines, letters, etc.

One of my favorite chapters is definitely Métier, especially the "At the Shows" part, it gives an inside of how glamorous but yet crazy it can be working during fashion weeks. 

So my review is 5/5, a must-to buy book!

Saturday, August 20, 2016

While in Cartagena

Good Morning Lovelies! A few days ago I had the pleasure of returning once again to one of my favorite cities in Colombia. 

Cartagena is a total paradise, so if you're looking for some tropical vacations with a touch of the antique, this should be certainly your destination. I must admit that I always change my plan while i'm there, the reason is that it has so many places and restaurants that you can not stay with just one. 

The two things that never change for anything is the morning stroll at la Ciudad Amurallada and the beach/pool tan thing. 

The architecture there, the people and every corner has its own magic. There are all kinds of cuisine alternatives which is excellent, in my case I love to hunt Italian restaurants because is my favorite food.  

Shopping is also an outstanding thing, you will find all kind of designers not only the international ones, but also the local ones, who offer proper Colombian collections in the case of Silvia Tcherassi. 

In case of looking for an hotel.
The hotel boutique concept now a days have take a great reception, these are more private and come with a limited number of rooms than a regular hotel, in this case I recommend 
-Silvia Tcherassi hotel boutique, is an exclusive hotel that brings an harmonious natural environment with a quite good service, plus the Italian restaurant which is one of my favorites. This is more for couple vacations or when your kids are already grown up.
-If you're looking for something more familiar I personally recommend you to stay at Las Americas or Santa Clara Hotel, it brings me back to many childhood moments.


-For eating options, I recommend you to try Mila, if you are looking for Caribbean local food. The breakfast and dessert options are beyond good.
-For lunch, an outstanding option to try is Alma restaurant which is located at the pure soul of la Ciudad Amurallada.
- Semolina is another great italian option located in plaza Bocagrande mall.

-On the other hand if you want to know more about Cartagena there is a Spanish restaurant, personally I think they have the best paellas in town so Chef Julian is another must stop.

The other day I have the opportunity to get inside the Chocolate museum, if you're a chocolate lover then you should try this!

These are few recommendations! Hope they are useful.
xx. Laura


Mientras tanto en Cartagena

Buenos días lindas! Hace unos días tuve el placer de volver una vez más a una de mis ciudades favoritas en Colombia.

Cartagena es un paraíso total, asi que si estas en busca de unas vacaciones tropicales con un toque de lo antiguo, este sin duda debe ser tu destino. Debo admitir que siempre que voy cambio de plan, pues la razón es que tiene tantos lugares y restaurantes que no puedo quedarme con sólo uno.

Las dos cosas que nunca cambio por nada es el caminar en la mañana por la Ciudad Amurallada y tomar el sol en la playa/piscina.
La arquitectura, la gente y cada esquina tiene su propia magia. Hay todo tipo de oferta gastronómica lo cual es excelente, en mi caso me encantar escoger restaurantes italianos porque es mi comida favorita.

Ir de compras también resulta un plan excelente, vas a encontrar todo tipo de diseñadores no sólo las casas internacionales, sino también las locales que ofrecen colecciones colombianas algunas muy propias de cartagena como es el caso de Silvia Tcherassi.

En caso de buscar un hotel.
Los hoteles boutiques hoy en dia han tomado una gran acogida estos son más privados y vienen con un número más limitado de habitaciones que un hotel regular, en este caso les recomiendo el
-Silvia Tcherassi Hotel Boutique, es un hotel exclusivo que trae un armonioso entorno natural con un muy buen servicio, más el restaurante italiano que tengo que admitir que es uno de mis favoritos! Este tipo de hotel lo recomiendo más para las vacaciones en pareja o cuando los hijos ya son adultos.
-En el caso de buscar un entorno un poco más familiar, personalmente les recomiendo Las Américas o el hotel Santa Clara, que me lleva a muchos momentos de mi infancia.

-Para las opciones de desayuno, recomiendo enormemente Mila, su carta es muy local del caribe por lo cual debe ser una parada segura, más la carta de postres que es de locos!
-Para el almuerzo, una excelente opción para probar es Alma, el restaurante que se encuentra en el alma pura de la Ciudad Amurallada.
- Semolina es un restaurante italiano excelente para probar, se encuentra ubicado en el centro comercial plaza bocagrande de la ciudad.
-Por otro lado, si quieres saber más acerca de Cartagena hay un restaurante español, personalmente creo que tienen las mejores paellas de la ciudad, así que Chef Julian es otra parada obligatoria!

El otro día tuve la oportunidad de entrar al  museo del chocolate asi que si eres un amante del chocolate, entonces deberias ir sin duda alguna!

Estas son algunas recomendaciones! Espero que sean útiles para ti.


Sunday, August 14, 2016

Creating The Perfect Brunch

Hello Ladies! I know how popular is the brunch thing now a days and I am a big fan of doing brunches, so today I want to share the basic things that you all need to take into consideration before making one.

1. If you're planning on hosting a brunch the first thing is to Settle your Budget, in case of making a brunch with your friends, settle a minimum quota for each person assisting or even better distribute the plates that each one needs to bring in order to have everything ready on the table.

2. How many people are planning to assist? - With that you're going plan how much food you will require.

3. Make a list. Having your budget settle plus the number of people assisting will give you an idea of how much ingredients, plates you'll need. So try to write down all the things you'll require.

Add categories to your list, this is probably the best way to organize all the things you need, Food is the first one, next beverages, decoration on the other and final things to do, as scheduling a waiter, someone who cooks for you, do your cocktails, etc.

4. What type of food you want to have, is it French, American, Italian? Setting this will let you know every ingredient you'll need and what plates you'll have to cook.

5. Put the list inside your purse! Whenever you go to the supermarket, you'll check off all the items you get inside your basket, so that you don't forget anything.

6. It's preferable to do bites of food instead of big portions, people on brunches love to taste everything.

7. There's always a huge variety of carbs and sugar pastries on brunches so please make sure of including  protein to the menu, with this I mean any type of  smoked salmon or eggs as quiche, scrambled,  omelette, any type. 

8. Beverages are also a main point, you can design an easy beverage bar including mimosas, cold chocolate, coffee and water. People have all kind of tastes so make sure to please everyone.

9. Make sure to left several things settle the night before:
  - Pastries that are already cooked,
  -Things on the fridge,
  -Table setting as plates, napkins, place cards, etc.

 This will allow you to save extra minutes, sometimes the next day we are running because people are coming  earlier than we expect so these things are very helpful.

10. Decoration is important, but food does the major thing so make sure to give your plates a lovely presentation, as also try to incorporate flowers to your table setting in order to create a harmonious environment. Pinterest here is a huge help!

I hope this is useful for you
Now go have some fun while you plan for the perfect brunch! Happy sunday lovelies

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