Tuesday, October 30, 2018

5 Ways to Incorporate Aloe Vera in Your Beauty Routine

I got to say that finding natural Aloe Vera is definitely not an easy task.
When I found this gel in Grace & Stella website it caught my attention immediately. It's funny how I remember back in the day, my mom and grandmother raising their own "Sábila" (Spanish word for Aloe Vera) in our garden and since then I know all the amazing properties it has... I've been using it for so many things.

 How and in what cases I recommend you guys to use this product?
1. Sunburns
I used to tan almost every weekend when I was living in Colombia and seriously the Aloe was always sitting next to my bed. It's the best reliever ever!
2. Breakouts
6 months ago, I remember I got some sort of breakouts in the V part of my face, I incorporated this gel into my daily routine for about 3 months and it was amazing because it took off  the redness and it helped me with the scarring as well.
3. To keep your skin hydrated
The amazing nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants of this plant will give you amazing results when you use it constantly. I recommend it before going to bed and to apply it in circular motion.

4. To make your legs shine, literally!
Whenever I'm wearing skirts or shorts, I like to apply creams to make my legs look prettier than ever, Aloe Vera is one of those natural products I love to put before going out. Plus it makes your skin not only to look smoother but you will see the results in a long term.
5. After getting my wax done, specially on my eyebrows.
If you suffer from sensitive skin as me, this is something you must consider to apply after, plus it helps to prevent clogged pores too!

The recommendations are infinite! Hope this turns useful for you
x. Laura

Sunday, October 28, 2018

Fit Dark Chocolate Truffles on the Go!

I'm so stuck with this sweet yet fit recipe and basically, what I love about it is that I can it anywhere with me, I usually have them inside jars on my fridge so whenever I'm craving something sweet I don't cheat. 
For those who are always on-the-go... this is also the right recipe for you. 

What you will need:
- Peanut butter
- Cocoa
- Coconut Oil/Olive oil
- Protein Powder and Chocolate chips (Optional)

The Process:
Mix everything in one bowl. 
For the quantities, it all depends on how many truffles you are going to make.
 My only recommendation here is: if you want to make them Calorie Wise, be sure to measure how many spoons of peanut butter you add.
Usually, what I love to do is I add more protein powder and cocoa, sometimes I add just water instead of the coconut oil so I can add more ingredients like chocolate chips, coconut flakes, almonds, etc.

Just remember: 
The consistency needs to be just right in order to make the ball shape, that's all you need. 
Then put them inside the refrigerator for 1 hour and c'est tout! 

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Where to Get the Best Açai Bowls in Vancouver

I don't know about you guys but I have a serious addiction when it comes to Açai bowls, certainly I've got to great and not so great experiences considering that they serve them differently in all the places with also different toppings. My criteria its's based on how fresh are the fruits,  the sweetness of the granola which should be not too sweet, the texture and
of course... the size.

Now, considering those things I decided to list out the 3 places I considered the best ones here in Vancouver, so in case of looking to try them out (I want to make sure you get them in a good place ) or also, if you are addicted to them in the same way as I am.

I love this place because they sell so many good desserts and they also have chocolate açai bowl which I've never seen in other place before. Their location is really convenient if you are in Downtown, Vancouver. 
Pros: The size is huge and taste is good.
Cons: They don't have many locations around the city.
The price range for this bowl is between 13.00-15.00 CAD

If you work near West Pender street in Vancouver, B.C. this is a really good place to grab your breakfast or lunch. 
Pros: The place has a really good environment, is really quiet. Good place to chat/to meet/interview someone. Plus you can see when they're making your smoothie/bowl.
Cons: The quantity served is not much for the price you are paying.
Price range: between $15.00-$17.00 CAD

The best of the best. I love getting my bowls here, they have so much variety! plus they have a lot of vegan options.
Pros: Quantity and quality! Price is amazing: 9.00 CAD for 1 huge bowl and they are basically everywhere.
Cons: None.

Let me know if you have any other place here or around the world
I love going to healthy bars and restaurants! 
x. Laura

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Dressing Extra During Fall Without Purchasing a Thing

 First of all, let me tell you guys that doing street-style shots can be quite dangerous sometimes! but well... I got to say that I really got inspired last night with WGSN seasonal forecasts while I was deciding what to wear for a long and busy Sunday.
In fact, all the the pieces from this look are all recycled from my closet... I didn't purchased a thing. One of the things I really enjoy to do is to organize my closet every 2 months because I love to get rid of the things that I know I'm not going to wear anymore, this also allows me to get inspired and to create new looks with the things I forgot I owned, I love love to be bold upon colours and textures, mix and matching these two can be very fun, especially for Fall and Winter! I would say these are the perfect seasons for that, now that we can style so many looks with layers over layers and get to look so fab;

Another plus of doing this is that we get to save so much money and it also lets us focus on the things that we really need for the season, I love listing my outfit ideas while I found inspiration in other websites like Pinterest, I've mentioned in the past how obsessed I'm with it, specially when I'm looking for new trends, runway looks and designer collections I seek for all these to visualize myself for future outfits.

To be honest, I do not like matching jeans with basic tops I always feel there are greater ideas to pull an outfit than just a regular pair of jeans and a basic coloured top, this is why I decided to add colours and textures together. 
Blazers are a great accessory to make your outfit stand out no matter what, in this case I wanted to add a spice to my look pulling the gold belt with the feathers shirt.

Thanks for Reading!
x. Laura


Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Well Done Curls? You Need to Read This!

If you are obsessed with curls the same way I am you should definitely get this amazing machine.
In fact, this T3 Twirl Trio was one of those things on the main wish list for my birthday. I remember back in the day, whenever I visited Sephora I was always spotting and analyzing the features of this trio machine, the amazing thing of this is that they are having a friends and family sale, so is super worthy to get it now! I've linked their website down below.

The curler comes with 3 interchangeable clip barrels:
- For the Voluminous curls
- For the Polished curls
- For the Defined curls (my favourite)

I got to say that this is a life solver, I mean at first I struggled finding how to make them look as the picture, but once you get used to each of the barrels you will get incredible results as a beauty saloon or even better! actually I can't remember when was the last time I visited one and the funniest thing is I'm always receiving great compliments on how my waves look and yes... is all thanks to this.

Thank you all for reading!
x. Laura


Simple and Quick Ideas for Halloween

I got to admit that I’ve always had crappy halloweens in the past, basically I always end up running for quick and easy costume ideas (which is the hardest thing to do just 2 hrs before a party..)
So this year, I’ve decided to made things different without complicating myself.
I have decided just to avoid running errands: to buy different accessories and pull with an all black everything look… yes I'll keep it simple and easy for this day. 

I don’t want to think things just too much, not only because I will wear this once but like a maximum of 4 hours so I started my research and I found this website called Rosegal, they have amazing deals for halloween accessories and decorations (in case you are planning on hosting a party too) plus they are having a huge halloween sale, I'm getting crazy the decorations here are pretty good!

I’m linking all the deals and coupons you should get as also some accessories you can give to your guests for this day 

1. You can’t go wrong with the classic Venetian mask 
2. Simple and quick: Silver wig for the night 
3.Get the classy look with a Crown Hair Band

And that’s it, with a well done make up, and an all black everything look you will be done with your halloween look.

Don't forget to use these codes to still get an extra discount:
"RGTina" for all order with over 25USD save 3USD
"RGTina" for all order with over 50USD save 6USD
"RGTina" for all order with over 100USD save 12USD

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Best of Both Worlds: Cover FX vs Nars Concealer

Morning Girls!
I wanted to share this short review about The Cover FX Power Play and The Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer, I guess you guys have heard about it in the past. If you don't know which one is better to get, reading this will definitely help you to make your decision
I will compare 5 main things so let's get started! 

Side note: The price for both is almost the same just like $1.00 dollar difference, so I'm not going to make this as part of the main things to discuss.

1. Coverage
Both of them do their job really good, but the Cover FX has exceeded my expectations at the point where I don't feel the need to use foundation anymore,  I stopped using it since a couple of weeks now and my skin has gotten clear of any sort of breakouts.
Big Pro: The Cover FX makes your makeup to last longer, this is definitely a plus, especially for long days where retouching my makeup is a need.
2. Texture
Another thing to point out is that the Nars concealer is a little bit more oily than the Power Play so if your skin is dry you should opt for the Nars one. I have neutral skin so the Cover FX  works amazing on me because it doesn't feel sticky/greasy at all, which is something I really love.
3. Breakouts?
None of these two causes breakouts. I have tried both brands and they are amazing on the skin. Both brands use high quality ingredients to create their products.
My recommendation here is try to use always: A good concealer, foundation and powder. The cheapest brands they do not use the best ingredients and this is why many of them causes a lot of breakouts.. also it all depends on how often do you use makeup and how sensitive your skin is.

4. Easier to apply
For the applicator, I got to say both are really different.
As I said it previously, I use the Cover FX not only as a concealer but as my foundation too so this one is perfect because the applier is puffy and it's super easy to apply it all over the face while the Nars one is perfect for under eyes as it's like a stick, this one I would say is perfect to make thin lines like in your nose, etc.. while the Cover FX can't because it's padded.
5. Product Quantity
The Nars one comes with 22 oz/ 6 ml. While the Cover FX comes with 0.33 oz/ 10 ml/.
Clear winner in this bullet... The Cover FX.

My last thoughts are... if you are looking for just a concealer, the Nars one is great, but if you are looking for a concealer with a better and long lasting coverage you should definitely get the Cover FX, this one does like the extra mile and I've been loving it because of this.

Thanks for reading!
x. Laura


Monday, October 8, 2018

Taking the Best Pictures in Fall Season

I was waiting for this season so bad! The truth is fall is my favorite season to get dressed, the weather allows us to be so extra, am I right?! plus what's better than the leaves, trees, and pumpkin everything?
I got to say there is no a special trick when it comes to getting the perfect shot is just to pick a good location and set yourself in a place surrounded by the leaves and trees around you.
I got to say I do like to pick some of my looks based on the location, all to get a good balance and contrast between colors, if you are really picky about getting a neat feed on your Instagram this is something that you wanna consider.
1. Pick an Iconic Location from your city, these are some examples of my favorite ones

Place: Hornby Street, Vancouver, B.C.

- Place: Jardin des Tuileries,  Paris, FR.

- Place: Plaça de Catalunya, Barcelona

2. Do your search: Look for inspirational pictures, I personally love Pinterest when I'm looking for an idea/look in specific.
This photo below was taken a year ago and I still love it

Again, I love everything about fall leaves, here is another example of a cool shot I got from a couple of years ago in Lyon, France

Pulling textures, accessories, and layers over layers I got to say is my favorite thing to welcome the cold


Friday, October 5, 2018

Pixie's New Collection Launch

A couple of weeks ago, I had the opportunity to assist to the new Pixie's collection launch in Vancouver.
As a total skincare junkie and in my 25 years, I've had the opportunity of trying out good, bad and amazing products through my blogger path.

Pixie has been definitely a brand that has allowed me to pamper my skin in so many ways I didn't seem possible, they're always innovating; adding new vitamins, essential oils to their makeup and creams.

Ingredients and scents are two essential things whenever I'm looking to purchase a skincare product, I got to say that this line is amazing because of the refreshing smell to Rose which I personally love.

I really recommend to start setting up a beauty routine, I feel since I started taking care of my skin I've seen so many changes not only physically speaking but it also has allowed me to love myself much more. There is no better therapy on earth than knowing how to spoil yourself and I feel that the skin is the most important thing because at the end it will reflect how we did took care of it while we were young.

Lastly, my current favourites are the highlighter and the moisturizer (they're super must-haves!) All Pixie products are sold now in drug stores which make them totally affordable, but what I really love more is the quality and the great eye into details in every product they launch.

Feel free to check their website here


Tuesday, October 2, 2018

5 Things To Stay Thin and Fit

Hi everyone!
I wanted to share this post because I've been asked quite a lot on how do I keep to stay thin when "I'm always eating"

I always remember back in the day how much junk food I used to eat and never gain a pound, now, things have taken a twist in 360. I admit that I got the skinny and tall prototype thanks to both of my parents, even though and to be honest, I've discovered how my body, mind and even self-esteem have changed since I modified my habits into a more healthy lifestyle and I've discovered through this time that everything is about balance.

There is no rocket science about this, just determination, setting goals and seeing results. 
These are my 5 main tips that I recommend you guys if you are planning on starting a fit journey:

- 1. Boost your energy levels with exercise

Starting is the hardest believe me, but once you get into this lifestyle you won't get back in to your old habits, It has been 3 years now that I started eating healthy, I go to the gym everyday at 5:00am. I train in Steve Nash Clubs here in Canada and I love it! I get to try different routines and classes every week like cycling, tabata, power beats and many other classes that keep me away from the routine and so my body, doing this every morning boosts my energy throughout the day, I always have so many things going on and this is the best starter to hectic and busy days. 

-  2. Try to never skip breakfast!

 If people would know how vital is the first meal of the day they wouldn't skip it. I remember I used to have a lot of cravings during the night and I discovered it was because I wasn't having the right amount of nutrients to start my day with energy. Always remember to include 1 protein, 1 carb, 1 source of fat and fruits... those muffins, pastries that they sell in Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, Tim Hortons, etc.. are so loaded in flour and definitely not a good breakfast!

- 3. Keep snacking as your new motto

I always have snacks inside my bag and the reason is sometimes I don't get to be home all the time, so I take a lot of things with me: apples, homemade waffles, protein bars, truffle balls (I'll share this recipe soon) 

- 4. Organize your time and so your meal preps

From Monday to Friday I try to stay away from restaurants even if they claim to be healthy, I only trust when I'm cooking my own things to be honest.
Now speaking of these restaurants, they do use healthy ingredients but not in the right amounts so sometimes it turns out better to eat a burger than a salad because they add so much fat percentages to one single salad! to set an example: A greek salad: they add feta cheese + walnuts + the dressing, the protein (which is unknown where they get it from) so this is the point, I prefer a thousand times to set a time around the week to prep my own meals, I guarantee that this will make a huge difference and so to your pocket!

-  5. And stay on the move

I know how hard can be this specially if you work in an office (it happens to me too), but there are always little tricks that you can adapt, like forget to take the elevator, walk instead or try to stand for an hour rather than to be working from a chair. I recommend The Carrot app, it counts your steps daily, they set a daily goal and they give you rewards like special discounts and movie theatre tickets, plus you compete with your friends, it's really fun and it's free!

This journey is such a wonderful thing, hope this turns useful for you!

Monday, October 1, 2018

Fit Recipes: Making a Delicious Carb-Wise Salad

After a well spent Sunday, starting with the right foot is more than necessary to kick off the week with the best energy and to keep yourself motivated.
Actually, my day started really early today with a cycling class in Steve Nash Clubs I ate so much over the weekend and with no regrets... it's all about balance.
When it comes to the weekend I enjoy going out and eating in restaurants, I love trying new places, but when it comes from Monday to Friday I keep myself moving with all these exercise classes and basically it makes me feel good to do this as so to eat really clean, so far so good this has worked perfectly. 
Ok so let's keep going with this yummy recipe!

These are all the things you'll need:
- A plastic/porcelain (whatever you have in a round shape)
- Lettuce or Spinach, I personally prefer the lettuce because is more crunchy, but the spinach has more nutritional benefits so whatever you prefer is good. For the quantity try to add as much as you like because this makes a lot of volume a not many calories.
- A Protein Source: in this case I added Tofu and the way I cooked is just: Soya sauce, Salt and Pepper.. all raw.
- A Carb: as this recipe is really wise in carbs, I added whole-multigrain croutons, I would say like 5 to 6 croutons are enough and what I do is that I chopped them in 2 so it makes the bowl look fuller.
- Toppings: This part is all about preferences, but usually I like to add: Italian Tomatoes, beets, Sesame seeds and Roasted carrots.
- A Source of Fat: Goat cheese, but you can add olive oil, avocado, cheese, etc. Make sure to add just one source of any of these options.
- How about the dressing? again, this all depends on your taste. I added teriyaki sauce because it makes it sweeter and I love that on a salad. 

...that's all, super easy, healthy and delicious!
Hope this recipe turns useful for you 
x. Laura
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