Tuesday, October 30, 2018

5 Ways to Incorporate Aloe Vera in Your Beauty Routine

I got to say that finding natural Aloe Vera is definitely not an easy task.
When I found this gel in Grace & Stella website it caught my attention immediately. It's funny how I remember back in the day, my mom and grandmother raising their own "Sábila" (Spanish word for Aloe Vera) in our garden and since then I know all the amazing properties it has... I've been using it for so many things.

 How and in what cases I recommend you guys to use this product?
1. Sunburns
I used to tan almost every weekend when I was living in Colombia and seriously the Aloe was always sitting next to my bed. It's the best reliever ever!
2. Breakouts
6 months ago, I remember I got some sort of breakouts in the V part of my face, I incorporated this gel into my daily routine for about 3 months and it was amazing because it took off  the redness and it helped me with the scarring as well.
3. To keep your skin hydrated
The amazing nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants of this plant will give you amazing results when you use it constantly. I recommend it before going to bed and to apply it in circular motion.

4. To make your legs shine, literally!
Whenever I'm wearing skirts or shorts, I like to apply creams to make my legs look prettier than ever, Aloe Vera is one of those natural products I love to put before going out. Plus it makes your skin not only to look smoother but you will see the results in a long term.
5. After getting my wax done, specially on my eyebrows.
If you suffer from sensitive skin as me, this is something you must consider to apply after, plus it helps to prevent clogged pores too!

The recommendations are infinite! Hope this turns useful for you
x. Laura

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