Thursday, October 11, 2018

Best of Both Worlds: Cover FX vs Nars Concealer

Morning Girls!
I wanted to share this short review about The Cover FX Power Play and The Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer, I guess you guys have heard about it in the past. If you don't know which one is better to get, reading this will definitely help you to make your decision
I will compare 5 main things so let's get started! 

Side note: The price for both is almost the same just like $1.00 dollar difference, so I'm not going to make this as part of the main things to discuss.

1. Coverage
Both of them do their job really good, but the Cover FX has exceeded my expectations at the point where I don't feel the need to use foundation anymore,  I stopped using it since a couple of weeks now and my skin has gotten clear of any sort of breakouts.
Big Pro: The Cover FX makes your makeup to last longer, this is definitely a plus, especially for long days where retouching my makeup is a need.
2. Texture
Another thing to point out is that the Nars concealer is a little bit more oily than the Power Play so if your skin is dry you should opt for the Nars one. I have neutral skin so the Cover FX  works amazing on me because it doesn't feel sticky/greasy at all, which is something I really love.
3. Breakouts?
None of these two causes breakouts. I have tried both brands and they are amazing on the skin. Both brands use high quality ingredients to create their products.
My recommendation here is try to use always: A good concealer, foundation and powder. The cheapest brands they do not use the best ingredients and this is why many of them causes a lot of breakouts.. also it all depends on how often do you use makeup and how sensitive your skin is.

4. Easier to apply
For the applicator, I got to say both are really different.
As I said it previously, I use the Cover FX not only as a concealer but as my foundation too so this one is perfect because the applier is puffy and it's super easy to apply it all over the face while the Nars one is perfect for under eyes as it's like a stick, this one I would say is perfect to make thin lines like in your nose, etc.. while the Cover FX can't because it's padded.
5. Product Quantity
The Nars one comes with 22 oz/ 6 ml. While the Cover FX comes with 0.33 oz/ 10 ml/.
Clear winner in this bullet... The Cover FX.

My last thoughts are... if you are looking for just a concealer, the Nars one is great, but if you are looking for a concealer with a better and long lasting coverage you should definitely get the Cover FX, this one does like the extra mile and I've been loving it because of this.

Thanks for reading!
x. Laura


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