Monday, September 17, 2018

5 Brands you Need to Shop in Sephora

1. Drunken Elephant
The first thing that it caught my eye was their colourful packaging and off course their name, so I started my research and reading some reviews. I decided to give it a try first to their Day Serum, which I've been loving because the smooth texture and amazing moisture that it leaves on my face for at least 6 hours. I got to admit that the smell is not the most pleasant thing, but the truth is that pure Vitamin C doesn't smells nice. This Serum does the work better than I expected and it keeps your skin looking bright and alive.

2. Cover FX
I've been using the Power Play foundation for the last 6 months and I love to use it for going out at night or specially when I know I will have a long day because it literally lasts all day long! plus it's a full coverage foundation. I would say this is for dry to mixed skin because it can be a little bit oily after several hours once applied.
3. Youth To The People
I have used many of their products and these two are the best of all, I started with their Kale Cleanser which I didn't like because it caused my a lot of breakouts, my skin is super sensitive so I stopped using this one, but then I decided to give these two a try because their amazing ingredients, all natural. When I'm using a skincare product, the less chemicals the best. Always keep in mind to read the ingredients on the box and do your research before purchasing any product, I've found that so many products produce second effects that we don't see right away.
I usually use them both before going to bed and I like so much how smooth my skin feels the next day.

4. Origins
I got to say that all the products that I've tried from this brand has never disappointed me, first my favourite of all: the High-Potency Night-a-Mins leaves your face with the greatest moisture, the smell is amazing and I use it every single day during winter, it's leaves your skin super silky and soft for the next day.
If you suffer from hormonal breakouts their Clear improvement mask is a bliss for your skin, it dries your pimples and it control the sebum in your face so you definitely breakout less.
These products are not the cheapest ones, but definitely a great investment, you will see the results in less than a month.

5. Dior
The story behind this product below is kind of funny because I was not even going to buy it, I didn't thought that this micro-infused lotion was going to be that amazing until I decided to apply it in my hand when I was in the Dior counter.
The effect was immediate, to start, the texture that it left for 2 hours was like baby skin! incredibly soft and such a luxurious smell for your face... it made me buy it and thanks god I did.
The thing that I really love about Dior beauty is how long all their products tend to last, I've used their blush for at least 7 months and it still looks like new and same thing with the lotion below.

Hope this turns useful for you, if you have any other recommendations please let me know!
I'm a total skincare junkie.
x. Laura

Saturday, September 8, 2018

How To Style The Crop Top Trend

I got to admit that back in the day, I use to hate crop tops because I had the idea that they looked cheap in most of the cases.
Later on, I started to research a little bit more of crop- tops in runways and then I found out, that I didn't hate them, I just hated the way that they were paired it with.

There is always a thin line of looking chic and classy or vulgar and sassy, and before wearing a crop top you need to get clear in mind what kind of look you want to style.
Personally, I feel crop tops look amazing with high waisted pieces plus they will make you slimmer! it could be matched either with a skirt, pants or shorts, I would not recommend a crop-top with low-cut jeans/shorts unless you are going to the beach or somewhere really really casual.
For this look, I went for lunch and then for a party and in both occasions I felt really well dressed, I just changed my accessories to give a different glimpse to my look.

Shop the look here:


Thursday, September 6, 2018

An Instagrammable Ice Cream Store You Need to Visit in Vancouver

One of the things I enjoy the most of living in Vancouver is how versatile is this city when it comes to restaurants.
Last week, I had the chance to visit this gorgeous and delicious place called La Glace. 
To be clear, I'm not sponsoring this place or anything. I just went with a friend on a Sunday afternoon were the weather was calling for an ice cream (and after doing a pre-research of ice cream places around us)

My first impression was how pretty was this place inside and outside! To start, the decoration is all white with gold and delicate tones of green mint on the walls.
Now, speaking of their menu.. Ugh! the best cookie ice cream I've ever had in ages! I ordered this cookie in the pretzel ice cream flavour,  I loved it so much that I wanted another one.
My friend went for a dark chocolate cone and it was really good too, the consistency was like a chewy brownie but with ice cream.. I mean I can't even explain it.

If you are in Vancouver or planning to visit and you love taking pictures, this is definitely a place you need to stop by, they're located in 2785 west 16th ave, prices are fair, they also have vegan options (which is great!) and all of their flavours are artisan/handmade.


Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Where to Shop in Vancouver?

Good morning everyone! Today I wanted to share some of my favorite places to shop in Vancouver.
I know I've said this before, but my favorite thing is to match vintage pieces with new trends. I think this will always make you look super stylish and different from the rest. 
When it comes to shopping, I love strolling around downtown Vancouver, here is where I get to shop all my clothes (the rest I buy it online)

My two favorites ones I would say they're Couturist located in Robson (my outfit here is from them).
I love this store because they always showcase designers from all around the world and they don't sell a larger quantity of the same item which makes them more exclusive.

Second, Club Monaco has always had the classic-chic style that I'm really attracted to and then when I want to shop around the city I love to go to south of Granville where they have amazing and very unique boutiques, to be honest I don't know any specific name just because I'm not a regular shopper in any, I just love to hunt things that really caught my eye and that I won't see in anywhere else. For the price, I would say 50% of them they're super affordable and the rest is a little bit more high-end, so whatever your budget is you will find something here.

Also, while you walk around Yaletown you will find so many stores, these ones are a bit more pricey than the ones in S. of Granville, obviously the location is part of the price, but the stores in here bring the most exclusive collections of all designers worldwide. I really enjoy the plan of going shopping with no store in mind because I always end up finding amazing and unique items, you just need to seek and find.

Have fun shopping in Vancouver!
x. Laura


Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Tanned Legs In 5 Minutes

I feel like being tanned is one of those blessings you can only get once in a year. Fortunately, this product arrived in my hands recently and to be honest I didn't have too much hope in it because I've tried other tanners before and they literally did nothing! I didn't have high expectations, but it amazed me when I found out that from the first time I used it I saw the changes immediately. 

First, I started applying it only in my legs, but now I used it for my stomach, my butt, my arms.. in everything, mostly.
Another thing I love is that it moisturizes your skin while it gives a tan, the smell is nice, the only thing you really need to be careful on is that it can stain your cloth if you apply it somewhere close to your shorts or whatever you are wearing because it happened to me while I was wearing other white shorts, but the good thing is that it's totally removable so it's not a big deal.

Thank you all for reading
x. Laura

Friday, August 31, 2018

Things That I do Before a Blog Photoshoot

Happy Friday loves! Today I wanted to share a different kind of post and is basically all the things I  tend to do before shooting pictures around the city either for a brand or when I want to share a really cool look, so these are my 5 essentials : 

1. I pick a good location.
I always love to shoot in places that match my aesthetics, I find this really challenging sometimes because they're so many cool places around! but when it comes to maintaining my feed crisp and clean I always opt for white and marble backgrounds... (if i'm lucky to find one)

2. Shop for props.
I find flowers as one of the most beautiful props to include in a photoshoot (plus you are able to keep them after) they make everything better: the colors, the picture itself and you have something in your hand.. which I also think it's important, because let's accept it... sometimes we don't know what to do with our hands.

3. Fool around, and try to shoot pictures while you are doing the things you are normally doing while you are walking around.. just give the camera to your friend or photographer to capture the best of you!

4. The food reward.
I love ending a photoshoot with a good meal, I always research famous places around the city so I can capture cool photos too. This is also a great way so people can find you on Instagram and also to get reposted by the place you are visiting.

5. Enjoy and forget of social media for a while. 
Having brunch-lunch or dinner after taking pictures is a good therapy, but also to get disconnected for a moment. It's also important to keep a balance and being social with the people we are in front of... is good for you and good for the soul!

Hope this turns helpful for you
x. Laura

Saturday, August 25, 2018

Making a Healthy Bowl for Breakfast

You all may know how popular breakfast bowls had turned into these days. The high rise of healthy restaurants it's more even every day, incorporating all different type of bowls into their menu's. Although, a lot of these bowls are usually made with foods that are high in sugar and they often use not the best ingredients, so at the end they are not healthy as they claim to be.

When it comes to having breakfast, I personally prefer making these bowls by myself. The ingredients are simple and you can make them with things you already have at home.

At the bottom, I like to put: Cheerios, Whole grain cereal, Oatmeal or Homemade granola.
Then, the second part I fill it with yogurt, I love to use low-fat vanilla yogurt.
The last part, is all about the toppings. In this bowl, I placed: blueberries strawberries, almonds, shredded coconut, banana and chunks of dark chocolate.
It's so easy, delicious and totally fulfill.


Saturday, August 18, 2018

It's All About Colors During Summer

 Would your summer be completed without wearing happy and vibrant colors? No right?! I adore embracing each season and summer is definitely that time where we can get super creative between different tones. 
One of the best colors to wear I would say it's definitely yellow... and yellow in all of its shades! I styled this look with a petite summer bag that I got from Tory Burch with the mustard, yellow-ish shorts that I bought from Zara. I paired both items with a basic white top to not over saturate the outfit which is really important, in this case, the top is that item that balances the entire look.
In fashion, there is well-known term that says: more is more, but there is always a tiny line between pairing a cool outfit or to look like a clown. To know the difference between these two is really essential. Basically, you need to know which items you are going to highlight and which others are going to make the balance.
For the accessories, I accentuated and polished the look with gold, for the shoes, I opt for summer gladiators and lastly, this rad-one of a kind sunnies that I got from Topshop.
This was one of those summer looks that boosted my energy. Again, this color is amazing!
Thanks for reading
x. Laura

Monday, August 6, 2018

Boost Your Outfit With A Statement Blazer

One of my favorite things to elevate my look is to play between colors, textures and off course a good blazer.
Blazers are that wonderful accessory that can make your outfit a total statement, I pulled this look with shades of navy matched with a white top, a nude bag and gold accessories to accentuate everything better, but definitely the queen is my striped blazer.

Here are some of my favorite statement blazers:


Veronica Beard


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