Saturday, December 22, 2018

5 Faux Fur Jacket Styles to Get this Winter

This winter, I'm really into the Faux Fur Jackets, there is so much options online and in stores that you actually don't need to spend too much money in getting one of this, in fact I got this one last year in H&M  and it keeps getting me warm and looking stylish.
Another important aspect about these type of jackets is that I'm not killing any animal, the fur is not real. 
Besides that, I feel that they play a good role in your outfit, coats like this are attention seekers because they're big, different to the eyes and very cool to style, remember that you can add so many textures and contrasts to get a cool end, in this one I add the plaid skirt with the dot tights. Be playful around colours, accessories and so many things because, again the weather is perfect to do this! 

These are the most versatile and 5 options to get this season:

My best wishes for you all this winter
Enjoy the holidays!
x. Laura

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