Tuesday, December 11, 2018

A Day in Winter Wonderland

Besides Spring, there's no season that could ever get more spectacular than this. I got to say visiting Grouse Mountains was definitely something that I would do a couple of times.
For a family trip, a date or for simply going by yourself it's something breathtaking, from day to night time, everything here is incredible, each station has a theme, my favourite one was the north pole and yes you can also ice skate!

If you really like to feel the Christmas spirit then you should definitely come to Grouse. We came on a Saturday morning, got a really good breakfast and a great venti coffee before coming up to the mountain, getting a good fuel was essential for resisting the cold! Thanks to the good weather my boyfriend and I captured some really good shots that I will share with all of you down below.

As a recommendation, make sure to be dressed comfortable.. a good pair of winter boots, globes and a make sure to wear a couple of layers underneath! I got approx. 4 layers under this black puffy jacket and thanks god I did!

x. Laura


Monday, December 10, 2018

On A Budget: Beauty Products You Should Get Under $20.00

So what I ended up getting?
Masks and more masks! I really enjoy pampering my skin while I’m cooking or watching movies, I like to use my time wisely. I also like to use them because after using makeup I feel the skin needs an extra fuel and this is a good source to get that.

I ordered the following face masks:
The Purifying Charcoal Mask, this one is perfect when you want clear your skin from all the impurities you get throughout the day, it has a good smell and I usually leave it for 15 to 20 mins on my face.

The Suck'Em Out Charcoal Blackhead Face Peel-Off, I've always wanted to try this one because of the reviews this product has and yes it does the job! it's funny because I actually made my brother and sister-in-law to give them a try and they loved it too.

The Jeju Volcanic Pore Clay Mask, my absolute favourite because it makes your pores look way better! I usually use it after I exfoliate my skin, prob 1-2 times per week, it's a life changing mask.

Now, for makeup 
I liked the Poreless Elf Primer down below, I feel it do helps my makeup to last longer plus I also order the Ultra High Definition Mineral Translucent Powder, personally I do not know how I did not use this before, I love the matte finish that it gives to my makeup and it's good that I ordered these products together.

On the other side, 
I got the Pimple Master Patch from Cosrx, I was trying to see if it was as good as the Mario Badescu one I have. This one I would definitely recommend it just for travelling because is super portable, plus is only 5.00 dollars! It does help don’t get me wrong, but I feel the MB acts faster than the stickers.

Lastly, I got the Blackhead Power Liquid from Cosrx, I got it because I read before that it has been clinically proved to reduce the blackheads formation! to me that's amazing because I get these on my nose and it's such a pain!
So I've been testing it for the last 7 days and I like it because it do helps plus I have never seen this product before in the drug stores, Cosrx is actually a Korean brand with a good reputation on the market and totally on a budget so this is def. something you will want to give a try.

Thank you all for reading!
x. Laura

Friday, December 7, 2018

Cool Leather Looks, All Winter Long

Textures, layers and black is all back! As more cliché that could sound.. you can never go wrong with this color.
Overall, this year introduced us so many incredible trends as also many of them came back from previous years.
 The snake print is one of my current favourites because of the versatility it has when it comes to match an outfit. Speaking of this one, I decided to bring texture to this look with my hat, leather pants and definitely this top I got from Zara a couple of weeks ago.
At the end, I loved how this combination it all worked out; I pulled a cozy, comfortable and stylish look for a sunny day in the City of Vancouver.
Thank you all for reading!
x. Laura


Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Fresh Prep Deliveries: Making a Healthy Bowl in 15 Minutes

I remember back in the day how boring my Sundays where... I basically was one of those that spend more than half of my day cooking my meals for the upcoming week. Thankfully I'm all done with that!
In this point of my life I have figure it out that time is my most valuable asset and I hate so much when I feel I'm wasting a percentage of it in something that will not generate any impact on my future.

Eating healthy has no discussion for me... is part of my day-to-day, even though sometimes is really hard considering all the temptations out of the door and moreover when you don't have much time for shopping groceries and either for cooking, or at least you have it but you don't want to spend it all in these.
Well.. Thankfully I saw an ad on Facebook and then I discover Fresh Prep.

This company, I got to say with all my honesty has exceeded my expectations in so many ways, starting from the fact that:
1. I can pick my menu and my hours of delivery. They have vegan and non vegan options which is amazing.
2. No more grocery shopping, at least for dinner time which has been super convenient.
3. All meals come all chopped, with spices and everything you'll need.
4. They come for 2 so if you want to cook something fancy for someone in 10 minutes... this is so doable! believe me.. I've done it in less than that.
5. and It's all HEALTHY! my favourite thing.
It's just to make a click and boom...you just cook.
Thanks for reading! Start your trial today using my code: INFSPARKLE18 to get $30.00 off your first order, I guarantee you won't regret it.
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