Saturday, December 24, 2016

Last minute gift ideas for Christmas

Good morning lovelies! Christmas is the most beautiful season in the whole year, but also the most stressful due to the amount of shopping we need to do in order to to find the proper gift for the people we love.

I decided to list 6 easy ideas. On the bright side, all of these ideas are for different budgets, let’s start!

  1. Jewellery: Almost every women that I know, can’t live without having an accessory. This is one of the most delicate and special gifts that you can give and receive.  Kate Spade, has wonderful options: very feminine and elegant pieces to find in every collection. I have a thing for pink, so I picked this pair, but you can find them in other tone of your personal preference.


 2. Candles: The first thing for candles is that almost all of them come wrapped as gifts, additionally  they’re representative due to the size. If you know the person very well, you will always find an essence they love. This Jo Malone is the  Peony & Blush Suede which has been always my favorite candle.


3. Bath Collections: Right now, we have so many companies that are producing this delicious products, and I mean who doesn’t love to smell delicious after taking a shower?!


4.   A Watch: This is a very special gift, especially if you want to surprise someone. Daniel Wellington watches are very simple and delicate, being this the perfect gift for Christmas.


 5. Mason Jar Candies: Even though this is a less complicated gift, they are still special, plus they are affordable. Moreover, you get the chance to fill the jars with candies of your preference.


6. Perfumes: You can’t go wrong with this gift and you will never disappoint with them.


 Wish you all a Merry Christmas!
xx. Laura

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Blessing of Sundays

Coat: Jcrew
Skirt: Club Monaco
Handbag: Kate Spade

Waking up late and not setting the alarm it's actually one the best feelings in the world. Sundays are my favorite day of the week, before getting to live in Vancouver, Sundays were that special family day, here is all different.
Striving to seek of what makes me happy, I love the plan of waking up for brunch with my closest friends, trying always to visit a different place each week.

The thing is that we should always do something that changes our common routine. In my case, it is visiting different restaurants and being able to explore new well new favorites. Not ending with this, I always get to do something like shopping, walking on the streets, doing my grocery shopping, but always doing something different in order to change the habit, spoil yourself more and try to base your decisions on what it really makes you happy... It's beyond important.

Happy Sunday Lovelies! Hope you are having a great one

Monday, December 12, 2016

Pastels Streetstyle

You guys cannot imagine how much I was desiring to have a pastel pink coat in my closet. I've always been that kind of girl, who opts mostly for neutral items as black, write and grey, but for this time I was looking for something totally different. Specifically, I wanted to discover other styles by experimenting with different colors. I ordered the coat in size M, it's has the water resistance quality just on point for bipolar weathers as in Vancouver.

The color is not only delicate, but also very bright. It really inspires me, because it reminds me of feminine beauty. Feeling identified and comfortable with the garments that you're wearing is so important. Once you are able to feel this, you can scatter your own magic! Being confident on what you are wearing can highlight your days in so many ways. Our mind is so powerful that when we are walking with an item we love, it's so perceptible.

It's great to mention all the ways that we can wear this pastel coat with different pieces and accessories, starting with various types of scarves as also jeans and pants. Personally I recommend to combine this casual look with the white pant combo. I loved these two colors combined plus is so elegant and proper at any time of the day.

Get this coat now using my coupon SILaura326 to get $5 off your purchase with VIPme

Wish you all a great weekend!

                                                                                                   This post was in collaboration with VIPme


Saturday, November 26, 2016

Playing versatile looks under the same outfit

Living in a city where rainy, windy and sunny days happen all at once, has taught me a lot on how to play in a smart way the same outfit in different ways. Neutral colors has this advantage mixing well together over bright colors so try to play with them, but also consider to highlight a garment or an accessory to pull out your outfit even more, one of my favorite things here is the Zaful V neck blouse with the long dynamic-sleeves, this top I must say was a very intelligent decision thanks to the elegant, but also casual look it gives, so its depends on how you style it.. as I always say, is all about your style.

Living in a city where rainy, windy and sunny days happen all at once, has teach me a lot on how to play in a smart way the same outfit in different ways. Neutral colors has this advantage mixing well together over bright colors so try to play with them, but also consider to highlight a garment or an accessory to pull out your outfit even more, one of my favorite things here is the V neck blouse with the long dynamic-sleeves, this top I must say was a very intelligent decision thanks to the elegant, but also casual look it gives, so its depends on how you style it.. as I always say, is all about your style.

Another thing to consider while you're getting dressed are the accessories! this is the other 50% of your look, so now that the weather allows us to wear scarves, please wear them, they make you look more sophisticated and so for the season. Both things I consider them as essentials, a white and silky blouse is always a must, you can pair it with anything you have inside your closet and what makes the look more versatile is how you style the scarf.

Nowadays we have multiple options on how to wear this accessory depending on our tastes and also what type of weather we are getting to. Every day I feel like winter is coming closer so the puffy way to wear the scarf is personally my favorite.

Top:  Zaful
Purse: Tory Burch
Scarf: Club Monaco
Sunglasses: Zaful

This is what makes fashion interesting, you can't never get bored we have so many tools!! especially in this season, thinking on what to wear everyday and the fact of being able to mix and match the clothing for this time of the year is so fun! as we need to cover our body way more than summer so try to embrace it. They're so many things and picks for fall that gives us the chance to get creative!

In Collaboration with Zaful

Wish you all a great week!
xx. Laura


Sunday, November 20, 2016

Highlighting your silhouette during cold weathers

I never thought that I would received so many compliments while I was wearing this jacket, comfortable, beautiful and so easy to match is what make my outfit perfect for this sunny day.

I went for this jacket, first of all because it's amazing color that breaks out the usual monochromatic combo, and second it moves incredibly while you are walking, so it's practically impossible to not call the attention. It looks a m a z i n g ! Besides that, at this time of the year, we tend to start using a lot of garments that cover entirely our body making us hiding all of our silhouette, with this coat, this is not the problem.

We need to always consider new options besides of  getting monotonous with pure wool coats, versatility and change it's always possible! with affordable and must-have pieces.

I recently received this Coffee Lapel Jacket from Shein and I had wear it for two times and in both occasions, I get compliments on the street. This is a seasonal item that I personally recommend to have, totally on a budget.

On the other hand here are some of my favorite color picks for this season!

In Collaboration with Shein

I hope you are embracing those beautiful leaves around fall,
Wish you a great day!
xx. Laura

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Favorite Brunch Spots in Vancouver

Sundays are actually one of my favorite days in the entire week, is the special family and friend reunion day where we enjoy the company for those we love the most. As I came to Vancouver to continue my studies, I've had the pleasure of meeting people who casually has the same interests as I do.

Hunting new places is one of the things I enjoy the most. Being able to share with you all those places is definitely something I wanna do. We have so many places in Vancouver, so this will not be an easy task to make. Let's start with some of my must come back places:

1. I was a newbie here in Van when I went to Provence Marinaside, is located in all heart of Yaletown, the music and the place is amazing. It's so energetic, I loved the brunch menu and the view, definitely a place you must visit.

2. Located in Burrard street, Boulevard Kitchen is also an oyster bar, although they also serve the weekend brunch. I went for the Nutella stuffed french toast. The plate is huge! But still, I ate it all by myself. It was beyond.

3. Another amazing place, that reminds me of France is Faubourg Bakery. I love it because it has this great downtown location and the pastries are well done. The pistachio croissant was a new thing for me to try, and thanks god I did.

4. The other day with a friend, we decided to try a new restaurant and we get to Nosh, it has all type for dishes not only for brunch, but the salads are also their specialty plus their amazing pastries.


Friday, September 30, 2016

The perfect fall coat with VIPme

Photography by Tina Pham

Get this coat here

Now that fall is here and summer is officially over, it seems like all our wardrobe needs to be updated. Colors are totally different for this season, we all know! Here I'm wearing one of my favorites colors for fall in order to change that black and white routine we usually use.

This VIPme coat got my attention because the design of the coat is very simple, but yet elegant. I was attending a meeting in the morning and after that I went for lunch with a friend, so the outfit I was wearing fits both of my occasions. I love all the coats from this brand because they have so many options and colors that we usually can't find everywhere. I opt to match the whole outfit with everything in black leather.

The combination here, I must say it was so effortless. Basically, the coat is the main accent of the whole look. The quality and texture is great, plus is so cozy and perfect for rainy days.. here in Vancouver this is practically daily. 

Remember to use my coupon SILaura223 to get $5 off your on your VIPme purchase

Wish you all a great fall season!
xx. Laura

In collaboration with VIPme

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Weekend in Victoria, BC

Good Morning lovelies! I went to Victoria a week ago to visit my brother and his girlfriend, I was so excited because Victoria has the best references, and yes all of them were true, I'm stuck with this city, it's beyond gorgeous.

My favorite thing there was the blooming flowers in every corner and the ancient architecture a lot like Europe. I went to amazing food places, I recommend Cora's for brunch, another amazing place I went was Marble Slab, an amazing hand-crafted ice cream, insane! For those tea lovers I recommend the afternoon tea at the Fairmont Empress Hotel, the place is beautiful, very elegant, perfect for Sunday.

The best thing of Victoria is walking and walking until you can't go further, I couldn't make it to Burtchart Gardens because Sunday schedules were crazy that day.

Basically, everything is in Downtown, main restaurants, stores, Parliament buildings, the Inner Harbour, RBC museum etc.. The city is little so it's difficult getting lost while you are there.

I took the ferry from Vancouver and I was able to watch the whales, this is actually another thing to do - the whale watching tour- while you arrive to Victoria.

x. Laura
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