Sunday, November 20, 2016

Highlighting your silhouette during cold weathers

I never thought that I would received so many compliments while I was wearing this jacket, comfortable, beautiful and so easy to match is what make my outfit perfect for this sunny day.

I went for this jacket, first of all because it's amazing color that breaks out the usual monochromatic combo, and second it moves incredibly while you are walking, so it's practically impossible to not call the attention. It looks a m a z i n g ! Besides that, at this time of the year, we tend to start using a lot of garments that cover entirely our body making us hiding all of our silhouette, with this coat, this is not the problem.

We need to always consider new options besides of  getting monotonous with pure wool coats, versatility and change it's always possible! with affordable and must-have pieces.

I recently received this Coffee Lapel Jacket from Shein and I had wear it for two times and in both occasions, I get compliments on the street. This is a seasonal item that I personally recommend to have, totally on a budget.

On the other hand here are some of my favorite color picks for this season!

In Collaboration with Shein

I hope you are embracing those beautiful leaves around fall,
Wish you a great day!
xx. Laura


  1. Such an amazing coat babe! Loving the lightweight texture of it, and the color is just gorgeous! ❤

  2. Its such a great coat! I really love the color, it's so pretty on you!

  3. Love this coat and your styling is great as usual!

    XX Isabel

  4. I wish I could wear something light and sexy like a duster coat, but it's totally freezing over here :(


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