Friday, July 8, 2016

3 Breakfast Recipes on the go!

Rise and Shine Ladies! Many of you have requested me some recipes of my breakfasts on Instagram, so today I will give you everything you need to make your morning happier and healthier!

1. Oatmeal Waffles- Pancakes

Basically this recipe goes out the same for my waffles and pancakes, the only thing that changes is the waffle maker, I recommend you this one because it will make you spend less time than if you do normal pancakes on the stove.

What you need to have:
- 1/3 oatmeal cup
- 4 white eggs
- Stevia
- 2 spoons of almond milk ( or the milk you use)
- Chia seeds
- 1 little spoon of baking powder or Sodium bicarbonate
- Vanilla extract
- Cinnamon to taste

For Chocolate:
- Cocoa

- Syrup and fruits after they are already cooked.

The first thing I put on the bowl are the eggs and the stevia, I put this two ingredients in the blender about two minutes,

Then I add the chia seeds and after that the cup of oatmeal, at the same time I add the spoon of baking powder, then I put the vanilla extract and the cinnamon in case of making normal waffles if I opt for chocolate waffles I don't add the cinnamon and vanilla, but only the cocoa.

After they are done cooked, I start organizing my plate always with coffee by my side, it could either be hot coffee or frappuccino which I love.

 I also add to the plate some fruits like banana, blackberries and blueberries sometimes strawberries too and finally I add my sugar free syrup, you can use the one you like the most! This is important because it will give a good touch of taste to your breakfast!

2. Chocolate- Banana- Peanut Smoothie

I'm so addicted to this recipe! in just 5 minutes you could have a healthy ice cream breakfast on the go!

What you need to have:
- 1 Frozen and split banana in pieces
- Peanut Butter
- Cocoa
- Stevia
- Almond milk or Greek yogurt

The first and most important step is to left from the night before one banana split in pieces on your freezer so you can find it on the next day completely frozen, this is the key if you want your smoothie more like an ice cream.

Then you can add almond milk or a greek yogurt of your preference, I particularly prefer the greek yogurt because it contains more protein than the regular almond milk and also it left your smoothie with a better consistency.

Add 2 to 3 little spoons of cocoa and after that you add a large spoon of peanut butter.

After that, if you like things very sweet you can add a spoon of stevia, remember that the banana itself is already sweet!!

3. Banana and Blueberry Parfait

Well this is actually my favorite breakfast of all times, it contains so much fiber and it's so delicious..this is like my always must to go breakfast around the week

What you need to have:
- Granola
- Greek or normal yogurt
- Fruits of your preference

This is actually very easy to make, I always tend to make my breakfasts very pretty because as you may know everything comes through the eyes.. so the first thing I do is to organize all the ingredients I will need for the parfait, I put the granola, the Greek yogurt and the fruits already split in pieces so is better to put them inside my cup.

I always do it by levels, so the first level is granola, then the yogurt, after that I add the banana's and then I start again with the granola then yogurt and then the blueberries,

after all of that, I decor the last part of the cup with a little bit of Greek yogurt, granola on top and little pieces of fruit, so easy to make them and so heavenly, definitely worth's the try!

Wish you a great morning start! With love, Laura.


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