Sunday, August 27, 2017

Big Sleeves All Over In

Sundays in summer are the kind of free blessing we all have, I feel they simply inspire good vibes as going out, walking on the streets and wearing seasonal clothes. 
I loved this look for a Sunday, styled with the bag and the accessories because is all so delicate. The sky blue is definitely the cutest color and it also matches well with mostly everything.

 When I'm looking at dresses, I always like to analyze how many times I will be able to wear it,  by using different accessories. Versatility to me is very important, because having lots of options is essential for us to women, considering we are always doing so many things. 
 I feel this is the kind of dress that gets this kind of acceptance, I can see myself wearing it for a pool day, going for a date, buying groceries or even more elegant, with summer platforms.

 I  got this dress from the new collection of Zaful, and let me tell you guys is not only the dress itself but how comfortable it actually is!
For that day, we went to an all you can eat Korean BBQ. I can't even describe how many rolls of sushi I ate! You guys know how much food you eat while you are visiting these type of restaurants... the best thing of all is I was still being able to walk without feeling wrapped in the dress, there is no better thing than feeling comfortable and well dressed at the same time.

Thanks for reading and keep enjoying summer!
xx. Laura

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Sunday, August 20, 2017

Accessories That Go Well With Every Outfit

I can't really describe how obsessed I am with accessories. 
Nowadays, I feel I'm stuck between gold and silver styles, they reason is that they combined with all looks. I'm such a fan of combining different styles when I'm pairing accessories, this time I picked these unique earrings in pink from Pairie, which I love because I feel I can wear them on multiple occasions.

A great statement piece I would say is definitely the necklace, I have received tons of compliments everywhere I go with it, I feel is so easy to combine, from wearing a summer tee to an elegant dress! this piece is the perfect touch to every final look, even more for those days when we feel in the mood of not dressing too much! I love just to add this type of details that at the end, they turned your outfit into a whole different level, this is one of the main reasons I can't live with them!

xx. Laura
View the earrings here
View the necklace here


Friday, August 18, 2017

How to Take and Style Beautiful Breakfast Pictures

Happy Friday Everyone!
Today, I wanted to share with all of you some of my tips for capturing, editing beautiful and brighter pictures.
Morning is one of my favorite parts of the day to capture great shots, around 8:30am to 9:00 am when the sun is not too exposed.

One of my first recommendations is to always have clean and nice backgrounds for aesthetical breakfasts, this can include home accessories as whiten sheets, marble tables, books and magazines (All available here) as also playing with colors and contrasts. The second is to make sure to capture the correct angle, this is essential! and lastly bringing beautiful accessories is more than just important. This time I decided to put my monogrammed cardholder from Lover of Luxe, which is currently one of my favorite essentials because right now, I feel it's better going out with cards rather than cash. Pointing as well, how practical, simple and elegant it is to carry.

Having a professional camera obviously helps, moreover if your camera has the brighten option - with this one you don't need that much of editing tools, even though, before of buying my camera, all of my pictures were taken with my iPhone.

For the editing part, I have mentioned before about using Facetune to do the smooth, or sometimes whitening effect (whenever it's necessary) nowadays I've become a Snapseed fan as well and then I use Instagram as the last tool before posting my final shot, I like to play in here with the lighting and contrast (setting it not further than 50) it all depends on the picture.

It's very simple. It's more a matter of practice and at the end, you'll have your perfect photo.
Thanks for reading!
xx. Laura

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Thursday, August 17, 2017

Before Summer Ends

Whenever I want to bring out some details from my outfit, I love matching with black. I feel there is no wrong when you are wearing this color!

This summer, my little sister visited me, so one of the major plans was taking her to do some university tours, as she is graduating very soon, we went to UBC. Those who live or have lived in Vancouver probably know about it, although it was incredibly hot! So wearing this outfit was a very smart decision as both items have a light fabric.

 I loved wearing this top I recently got from Zara. Is a bit short in length, but there is no problem that high-waisted culottes can't cover! You all know how famous is the trend of wearing big sleeves tops, so I felt this was a great way to pull this outfit. I have to admit that I'm obsessed too with this trend! it makes me go back to those fashion history classes and that time where women used to wear those big sleeves dresses, as in fashion everything in time..recycles!


Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Healthy Cupcakes Recipe

I love making cupcakes, the reason is that they are not only pretty as a little gift, but they are so delicious that is impossible to eat just one! The recipe is very easy, everything you need to know is how you want to decorate them because this is what it will make them different and special from the ones you usually buy.

To start, the main ingredients for 5 Medium Cupcakes are:
- 1 Cup of flour, these are made with whole wheat flour.
- 2 white and 2 large eggs.
- A spoon of Vanilla extract
- Baking powder
- 2 spoons of Honey
- 2 large spoon of Coconut Oil
- Peanut butter ( how much you want is your choice)
- Walnuts, almonds, and chunks of dark chocolate, I love adding this last one because it gives a chunky texture to the cupcakes inside, plus they will melt, so they taste like something made in heaven!

I made this recipe healthy but is easy to make it with the ingredients you have at home. 
What makes the difference are the toppings you decide to add, the sprinkles and the cupcake covers are  very easy to find these at any grocery store. What I like about this particular covers is that you can put them in the oven and they will not burn as many, at the end they will make your cupcakes to look super cute!

Monday, August 7, 2017

Couturist Love

One of my favorite things about being a fashion enthusiast, has been definitely the path of being a blogger; I love to have the opportunity to discover and work with brands that I feel are very alike to my style, this has led me to discover incredible local brands, and it continues to be such a pleasure whenever I get to work again with a brand I feel passionate about.

I really enjoy to hunt and showcase for details we don't get to see regularly, they always put the extra to your outfit and in this case, my top was the protagonist. The new collection from Coutourist inspired me to pair this incredible combo, the delicate fabric of the top and the bow on the back, made me fall in love immediately for this blouse. 

What I really like about it, is that is not the common white top we can find in every store, this is something you can wear for brunch, work interview or even for a baptism. Styles like these are the ones that are totally worth to have inside our wardrobe.

Finally, I like to add the extra little details as my little flowery bag combined with the gold accessories, for a long time I've been preferring the gold tone because it stands much more than the silver, even though I prefer silver tones for more elegant looks, but for this one I thought it was the perfect touch to add.

Thanks again for reading! 
xx. Laura

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Classy and Comfortable During Summer

Sometimes it seems impossible to wear comfy and classy clothes during summer. Since I'm from a hot weather city, the trick I've learned is to know how to pick not only the style you want, but the fabric of your top/bottom. Fresh fabrics are always the answer! in this case, I opt for a cotton made blouse, which makes the item soft, I can barely feel the long sleeves.

If I'm not wearing shorts or a skirt, I love to involve light and trendy pants in the warmest months of the year,  they are so easy to carry, besides the outfit as a whole looks way more polished than if you wear regular jeans. Personally, I prefer not to wear them in this season.. they are so sticky!

 I feel so lucky that I have found this incredible outfit from Couturist,  From the pants, I really love the unique open-leg detail which makes them so comfortable and elegant as well. At the same time, the design of the top makes the outfit to have a great balance for day or night time, adding how beautiful is the color sky blue paired with the cream trousers, it makes the total look so delicate and feminine.

Wish you all a great day,

In collaboration with Couturist Canada

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