Friday, August 18, 2017

How to Take and Style Beautiful Breakfast Pictures

Happy Friday Everyone!
Today, I want it to share with all of you some of my tips for capturing, editing beautiful and brighter pictures.
Morning is one of my favorite parts of the day to capture great shots, around 8:30 to 9:00 am when the sun is not too exposed.

One of my first recommendations is to always have clean and nice backgrounds for aesthetical breakfasts, this can include home accessories as whiten sheets, marble tables, books and magazines (All available here) as also playing with colors and contrasts. The second is to make sure to capture the correct angle, this is essential! and lastly bringing beautiful accessories is more than just important. This time I decided to put my monogrammed card holder from Lover of Luxe, which is currently one of my favorite essentials because right now, I feel it's better going out with cards rather than cash. Pointing as well, how practical, simple and elegant it is to carry.

Having a professional camera obviously helps, moreover if your camera has the brighten option - with this one you don't need that much of editing tools, even though, before of buying my camera, all of my pictures were taken with my Iphone.

For the editing part, I have mentioned before about using Facetune to do the smooth, or sometimes whitening effect (whenever it's necessary) nowadays I've become a Snapseed fan as well and then I use Instagram as the last tool before posting my final shot, I like to play in here with the lighting and contrast (setting it not further than 50) it all depends on the picture.

It's very simple. It's more a matter of practice and at the end, you'll have your perfect photo.
Thanks for reading!
xx. Laura

In collaboration with Lover of Luxe

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