Tuesday, August 27, 2019 / Vancouver, BC, Canada

Polka Dots, The Latest Fashion Trend

We all know Monochrome Polka Dots...
The trend that keeps coming back year after year.
 I can perfectly remember when my mom used to wear the classic top /skirt polka dot combo and it's crazy because the story is repeating now haha, in a different decade. 
I would describe Polka dots like the je ne sais quoi in Fashion... keeps repeating and we all keep loving it and we don't know why.
I honestly love to play in between to mix and match between other colors and patterns, even my lipstick.
If you love Polka Dots as much as I do make sure to follow this slide plus I'm also sharing this classic outfit idea that you can easily wear for work/brunch/dinner.


Wednesday, August 21, 2019 / Vancouver, BC, Canada

Places to Have a Good Cup of Coffee in Vancouver

As a proud Colombian, Coffee for me is one of the main things that I need to get every day before getting things done. 
In a city like Vancouver, coffee places are so popular. I've seen a lot of people that make this their workplace so here are my favorite spots not only for their coffee but for space, service, and quality overall.

Very calm place, great breakfast, and amazing coffee.
Located inside the JW Marriot Parq 
Address: 39 Smithe St, Vancouver, BC.

2. Dalina
They have opened different locations around the city.
They have great sandwiches and a good variety of healthy snacks.
The place itself is great, easy to chat and work inside.
Their main location is at 687 Main St, Vancouver B.C

I personally love this place because it reminds me of the coffee shops in France.
This place is always so busy because their menu is incredible. 
Love their coffee and their marble tables.
They are located in 4393 St. George St, Vancouver, B.C

This is one of the newest coffee shops in Vancouver.
I would say that this place is more likely to hang out with friends when you want to chat and have coffee + treats.
They play Latin music inside and it's amazing, love the vibe and also is perfect for pictures.
Their bread is homemade, so good.
Location 1399 Commercial Dr. Vancouver, B.C

This place is honestly incredible, they have a great variety of coffees.
I've worked and I've also had brunch a couple of times here and it never disappoints.
Is always very busy, most like in the mornings.

They have two locations: One in Yaletown, 1088 Homer St, Vancouver, B.C
The other one is in the South of Granville (newest point) 3070 Granville St, Vancouver, B.C

I enjoy stopping by this place a lot because I love seating outdoors especially in the Summer.
I love to get the almond latte in size Large and it's always so good.
Is a great place to eat, chat and also for work.
Location 769 Hornby St, Vancouver, B.C

Friday, August 16, 2019 / Vancouver, BC, Canada

10 Restaurants to Get Brunch in Vancouver

Brunching on the weekends is really one of my favorite things to do.
I really enjoy waking up late and going out for something delicious, it's kind of my reward for eating healthy during the week.

As this is something that I do almost every weekend, I wanted to share the 10 best places for Brunch I have been here in Vancouver.
They are all directly linked to their websites so you guys can check their menus and different locations.


Thursday, August 1, 2019 / Vancouver, BC, Canada

Best Moisturizers, For Day and Night

Searching for a good moisturizer is no easy thing especially if we consider the fact that we all have different types of skin.
I have to say that I've been in this search for quite a long time now and I finally can say that I have found my two favorite ones.

What main aspects you need to consider when picking one?
First, evaluate your skin type. I have combination skin which is not oily or dry, is just normal. It also depends on the season, these two products are mainly for Summer.  
Second, I like to split my skincare for day and night.
I hate to apply thick creams during the day as I also apply SPF so I try to avoid to mix oily things together... its all about balance.

Honestly, I started using the Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel since I was 17, although I stopped using it for a while because I wanted to give a try to other moisturizers out there, but I got back to this one a year ago as I really love the way it leaves my skin during the day.

I have heard that many people love to use this one for the night as well, but I like to use something with deeper hydration and that's why I love using the Darphih Hydraskin Light Cream

This Darphin cream is light as well but I feel it's way more oily and perfect for the night routine as I complement it with a Vitamin C serum and the Essential Oils from Darphin too.

Last year I had an Acné phase that lasted me about 6 months and this is when I got back to this cream because I felt the other moisturizers were too oily for my condition so if you are going through this I recommend the Clinique cream but not the Darphin one.

Finding these two products is very easy, they are available in many drug stores and other stores like Sephora.

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