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Best Moisturizers, For Day and Night

Searching for a good moisturizer is no easy thing especially if we consider the fact that we all have different types of skin.
I have to say that I've been in this search for quite a long time now and I finally can say that I have found my two favorite ones.

What main aspects you need to consider when picking one?
First, evaluate your skin type. I have combination skin which is not oily or dry, is just normal. It also depends on the season, these two products are mainly for Summer.  
Second, I like to split my skincare for day and night.
I hate to apply thick creams during the day as I also apply SPF so I try to avoid to mix oily things together... its all about balance.

Honestly, I started using the Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel since I was 17, although I stopped using it for a while because I wanted to give a try to other moisturizers out there, but I got back to this one a year ago as I really love the way it leaves my skin during the day.

I have heard that many people love to use this one for the night as well, but I like to use something with deeper hydration and that's why I love using the Darphih Hydraskin Light Cream

This Darphin cream is light as well but I feel it's way more oily and perfect for the night routine as I complement it with a Vitamin C serum and the Essential Oils from Darphin too.

Last year I had an Acné phase that lasted me about 6 months and this is when I got back to this cream because I felt the other moisturizers were too oily for my condition so if you are going through this I recommend the Clinique cream but not the Darphin one.

Finding these two products is very easy, they are available in many drug stores and other stores like Sephora.


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