Thursday, July 25, 2019 / Vancouver, BC, Canada

Summer Essentials, What I Like To Keep Inside My Bag

With beach days calling, I want to share some of the few things that I like to keep inside my bag these days.

There are 5 main things for me:
1. A good Sunscreen, I feel this is the #1 essential. 
I started using Neutrogena Hydro Boost since last year and it has been the best sunscreen because is not greasy, doesn't have any smell and it also helps to hydrate your skin, is really amazing.

2. My one and only wave spray from The Ouai
 Keeps my effortless waves on fleek.

3. A good Hair Pin to avoid having all the hair in my face.
 I got a really nice combo in Amazon here is the link: Amazon Hair Pins
 I'm also linking more in the shop box down below.

4. My monthly scent from Skylar
I always love to keep one bottle inside my bag. 
Receiving these seasonal fragrances is so on point, the size is so practical that they travel with my everywhere.
5. The Anti-Frizz Sheets from The Ouai
These sheets are lifesavers, the fact that I can take one sheet with me whenever I feel that my hair is getting frizzy is amazing, I don't need any iron machine in my bag because this little thing gets the job done in seconds.


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