Tuesday, July 23, 2019 / Vancouver, BC, Canada

One Item, Two Different Looks

Have you guys noticed how The Snake Print trend has risen since last year?
 I got to be honest with you guys I love the print but I won't ever buy any real snake good, I only stick with the print.

Overall, I love the way this print accentuates an entire look, I'm so passionate about neutrals,  I played a lot between the white and black tones here but hold on... this outfit is not what you all think it is.. this is not just a top and a skirt.
The "blouse" you are seeing here is actually a dress and I decided to style it as a top to give you guys two different perspectives and ideas on how to wear the exact same item in two different ways for the Summer Season.

I got this dress from Shein last year for my vacations in Colombia and I only wore it once because when I came back was winter time so it was definitely impossible.
I thought of giving this dress a total makeover, I changed everything, I opened two of the buttons to make it wider, I styled the sleeves totally different and then I played a lot with mixing different accessories, I made it more classy this time, the dress itself is a bit more casual, so here you have 2 styles, 2 different occasions.

The Actual Dress

2 styles, 2 different occasions.


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