Saturday, September 24, 2016

Hermès Artisan, Now in Vancouver

Elegant and impeccable pieces are just words to describe one of the best french brands we have nowadays, Hermès Artisan has arrived to Vancouver from the 21 till the 25th of September, to share with us how materials are transformed.

Located in the Jack Poole Plaza, the Hermès artisan came to show us 9 performs starting from:
The Leatherworker
The Saddler
The Watchmaker
The Roller
The Glover
The Silk Printer
The Silk Engraver
The Porcelain Painter and
The Gem-Setter

I came out so happy to learn what is the behind process of the Hermès products, all the crafters came from France, however they have an English translator behind them, so everything is well organized, from the details till the the knowledge provided directly from the top crafters who are working with the brand. It was an honor for me to be able to see how they set the stones into a piece of jewelry that takes 140 hours to be finished, definitively my favorite part. I recommend to visit this exhibition, it should be mentioned that it provides free admission!

So if you are in Vancouver don't miss the chance to see this,
Wish you all a great weekend!
xx. Laura



  1. That is such an informative post, Laura!
    Love the pictures and the pieces your photographed. I wish I was passing Vancouver to see all this .


    1. Thank you so much Isabel, this is an incredible exhibition to visit, hope they could open one in Washington

  2. This post was fabulous! I've always loved Hermes and maybe one day I can own one of their bags!

    1. Thank you Jess! Was amazing to learn all this process from Hermès

  3. Now thats an experienced to have. Looks so fun. Beautiful photos!❤

  4. Now thats an experienced to have. Looks so fun. Beautiful photos!❤

  5. I love intricate presentations like this one! You've captured some great photos :)

  6. wow lucky you guys! their pieces are truly a piece of art.


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