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Come with me to the brand new Eternity Modern Showroom

Home decor has always been one of my main passions and for all lovers of architectural and minimalistic design, I'm thrilled to share my recent experience at the stunning showroom of Eternity Modern located at 110-3810 Jacombs Rd, Richmond BC.

Eternity Modern

One of the things I loved once I stepped inside the store was their timeless collections, well curated furniture and the overall sense of sophistication that filled the space. 

I have been searching for a timeless marble coffee table for years, I’m not kidding when I say, I have been looking for a classy yet minimal table since 2021. I have seen lots of different styles online, but when it comes to furniture I love seeing things in person so the fact that Eternity Modern now has their own showroom made things much easier for me.

I was able to pick the tone from various marble hues, which I honestly think is a fantastic feature that adds a personalized touch to the pieces. Another thing I love about the brand is the exclusivity factor, which for me plays a big role.

When it comes to interior design, every person has a different style and taste, I admire how Eternity Modern uses a wide variety of materials, including natural stones and wood. An example of this is The Wicker Bench and Fluted Round Dining Table which seamlessly blends natural elements into their designs. These pieces are a dream come true for neutral lovers, adding warmth and elegance to any space.

Another incredible service they offer is the White Glove Delivery. Considering that the table I picked was very heavy and delicate, this service delivers and installs the pieces in your home for the ultimate convenience. 

For anyone looking to elevate their home decor, I strongly recommend investing in high quality pieces, you can save up to 15% off using my code "SPARKLE15" at checkout and once you get to see their furniture in person you will understand why visiting their showroom is definitely worth it.

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