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Favorite Spring Suits 2019

I've acquired a kind of obsession for suits, I can't believe is over a year now since this trend took a big impulse, starting in 2018 for NYFW.
These days, same colour suits with long pants and skirts are a such a movement, I got my tweed look a couple of weeks ago in Topshop and I'm really happy to see so many fresh ideas based in tweed looks, the classic uniform suits, and best part is that they come much cooler than last year, you can now find tons of options like the high-waisted suits with crop tops, skirts and so many tones as well, neon, metallics and classic ones are some examples of it.

I'm adding the direct link of my favourite options down below to give an idea on how this trend is moving forward this Spring 2019.

Get this tweed suit here

Friday, March 29, 2019

Where to Monogram Your Leather Accessories?

I would say that there is nothing more elegant and unique than having your accessories monogrammed, this detail gives to your goods a very sophisticated ending and overall you won't be able to find it anywhere else.

They are 3 brands that I really recommend, let me get started with my most recent purchase:
A monogrammed leather case for your phone from Maison de Sabré 
I remember when I found this Australian brand thanks to an add on Instagram. Personally, I love the way they label your initials (in gold colour), it accentuates everything, it's minimalistic but fancy at the same time if something is for sure is when it comes to styling your phone, this luxurious brand is one of the best ones, I choose this one in black because I already have all my accessories in this colour and I wanted to keep it classic and uniform, plus another perk of this tone is that it doesn't get dirty as much as white or pastel tones.

These cases might not be cheap but the quality is upfront once you get the case in your hands and to me that's everything, keep reading this post because you will understand what I'm talking about.

The second brand I recommend it's called Lover of Luxe, I did a collaboration with them 2 years ago, and my cardholder still looks amazing.

The only thing I recommend is just to be careful about the number of cards you store, I usually don't put more than 7.

Last one but not least, is Case App, I collaborated with them in Summer of last year, I remember I did my own laptop and phone case in marble, but unfortunately and considering that these cases are made out of plastic, my phone case did not survive as I'm always dropping my phone on the floor and basically everywhere...
I will totally recommend this brand if you are not like me at all, prices here are very affordable, and designing your case is very simple.

Friday, March 22, 2019 / Vancouver, BC, Canada

Best Places to Get Dessert in Vancouver, Canada

As a sweet tooth person I was looking forward to make this post since a long time now. Visiting bakeries and trying new desserts is definitely something that I have on my hobby list.
  I have listed out 6 of the best bakeries I've been so far and I keep visiting regularly because they are just too good.
Just make sure to scroll down, they are all directly linked to their website in case you want to search where they are located at and their amazing menus.

This is one of the biggest bakeries I've visited so far. Their menu list is amazing and if you are a matcha lover you def. need to try this place.
I would say their location is perfect for setting a date or even studying, is really calm to chat, music is good, desserts are amazing and is really great for pictures.

If you want to feel in the heart of Paris you need to stop by their boutique/café in Robson.
They just incorporated a great new selection of desserts. I got to say the environment here is my favorite thing.. very private, delicate with the most exquisite luxury touch.

O-M-G this is my favourite of all, I mean when it comes to dessert variety... they have it all! From Vegan, Flour free, and everything that could be possibly in your dreams, I'm sure they'll have it. This place is more than a must-stop to me.. more likely to stay sane!

This restaurant is perfect if you want to grab something delicious and on-the-go. Having lunch here is also a great option plus you can have great coffee after. 
* Their coffee art is one of the best ones in all Vancouver.

Located in the heart of Yaletown, and now in south of Granville, this bakery offers everything when it comes to sweets.

This beautiful bakery has 3 locations in the city, one in West Van ( Park Royal Mall), Kerrisdale and in Downtown, just in front the Vancouver Art Gallery. The environment, the view and all the classic music make this place a must stop.


Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Fashion Items That Will Always Worth The Investment

I used to be the type of girl that thought that every time we had a new season it was always time to change my wardrobe in a 360 scale.. and WRONG!
Nowadays, I love the fact of being practical and instead of spending stupidly tons of money in cheap pieces I would rather prefer to buy one single thing that it will last me probably to generations, I'm not exactly sure if I can call this growing up, but the fact of literally throwing away my money every season it doesn't make any sense now.
With my 26 years of experience, I would say I rather now,  to buy "smart" and with this I mean, the need to visualize myself on how many times am I going to be able to style any piece and not buying things from a simple impulse, I like to keep my wardrobe filled with current pieces but mostly with the classic and good ones that I know they will last for ages, like:

1. A black leather Jacket 
This item is always a good piece to keep for any of the cold seasons, you can create great combinations with this piece like casual looks with jeans, high-end looks with layers and thick coats, and still get the chance of getting a difference appearance.
2. Black Leather pants
The first thing to mention is how good they often fit plus how warm they usually are, I personally love to wear them all the time because I can also style them with tights underneath, I love when they are black because it gives a uniform tone, you get to look cool, chic and sophisticated.
3. A classic designer bag
This is the part, when things can get more pricey, I have always been an advocate of seeing this as an investment rather than anything else,


Monday, March 18, 2019 / Vancouver, BC, Canada

3 Main Hair Styling Tools

If I could only count how many different hairdo's pop into my Instagram every day I will probably never end... with technology, tutorials and especially YouTube, hair options are now infinite, all the different appliances in the market are impulsing us to purchase products as crazy!

Speaking of myself, I admit I do invest a lot of time taking care of my hair, especially styling it, I love the loose, beachy, tousled and heavy curls look, I feel they give volume and shape to my face and this is why I keep doing it.

In 2018, after trying some many hair appliances and having not the best luck with some, I got the T3 Twirl Trio, this is my favourite curler of all times, one of the things I love is that I can achieve any kind of waves from this gorgeous machine, (all their products are so aesthetic which is also another big plus) this iron curler is so easy to carry because the barrels come portable so you can basically take them any place, it can perfectly fit in your purse. (another check to the list)

Things have changed and I've learned my lesson, this 2019, I got my second product from T3, the Cura Luxe Hair Dryer, this award winner, won as one of the best beauty products in 2018 by Allure.  This distinctive hair dryer I got to say is a bomb! it comes with a volume booster switch, which is amazing! is also very lightweight and comes with 5 heat options to choose, this last thing is my favourite because none of the hair dryers I have used had that option and so I simply had no choice just to "burn" my hair literally. This is one of the many reasons why this product worth the investment.

From the T3 Accessories, they are not only very pretty, fancy looking but overall super practical! I got the Smooth Paddle and the Volume 2.5 Brush to get my set all paired, the first thing I did was a research if it was worth it or not, and thank god I got these two! first, they don't tangle your hair, second, they are not heavy to hold and keeps my hair feels amazing afterwards!
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