Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Fashion Items That Will Always Worth The Investment

I used to be the type of girl that thought that every time we had a new season it was always time to change my wardrobe in a 360 scale.. and WRONG!
Nowadays, I love the fact of being practical and instead of spending stupidly tons of money in cheap pieces I would rather prefer to buy one single thing that it will last me probably to generations, I'm not exactly sure if I can call this growing up, but the fact of literally throwing away my money every season it doesn't make any sense now.
With my 26 years of experience, I would say I rather now,  to buy "smart" and with this I mean, the need to visualize myself on how many times am I going to be able to style any piece and not buying things from a simple impulse, I like to keep my wardrobe filled with current pieces but mostly with the classic and good ones that I know they will last for ages, like:

1. A black leather Jacket 
This item is always a good piece to keep for any of the cold seasons, you can create great combinations with this piece like casual looks with jeans, high-end looks with layers and thick coats, and still get the chance of getting a difference appearance.
2. Black Leather pants
The first thing to mention is how good they often fit plus how warm they usually are, I personally love to wear them all the time because I can also style them with tights underneath, I love when they are black because it gives a uniform tone, you get to look cool, chic and sophisticated.
3. A classic designer bag
This is the part, when things can get more pricey, I have always been an advocate of seeing this as an investment rather than anything else,


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