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Best Places to Get Dessert in Vancouver, Canada

As a sweet tooth person I was looking forward to make this post since a long time now. Visiting bakeries and trying new desserts is definitely something that I have on my hobby list.
  I have listed out 6 of the best bakeries I've been so far and I keep visiting regularly because they are just too good.
Just make sure to scroll down, they are all directly linked to their website in case you want to search where they are located at and their amazing menus.

This is one of the biggest bakeries I've visited so far. Their menu list is amazing and if you are a matcha lover you def. need to try this place.
I would say their location is perfect for setting a date or even studying, is really calm to chat, music is good, desserts are amazing and is really great for pictures.

If you want to feel in the heart of Paris you need to stop by their boutique/café in Robson.
They just incorporated a great new selection of desserts. I got to say the environment here is my favorite thing.. very private, delicate with the most exquisite luxury touch.

O-M-G this is my favourite of all, I mean when it comes to dessert variety... they have it all! From Vegan, Flour free, and everything that could be possibly in your dreams, I'm sure they'll have it. This place is more than a must-stop to me.. more likely to stay sane!

This restaurant is perfect if you want to grab something delicious and on-the-go. Having lunch here is also a great option plus you can have great coffee after. 
* Their coffee art is one of the best ones in all Vancouver.

Located in the heart of Yaletown, and now in south of Granville, this bakery offers everything when it comes to sweets.

This beautiful bakery has 3 locations in the city, one in West Van ( Park Royal Mall), Kerrisdale and in Downtown, just in front the Vancouver Art Gallery. The environment, the view and all the classic music make this place a must stop.


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  1. According to the photos, I see such a wide range of different deserts, cupcakes and muffins. I am totally sure, that they are very delicious.


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