Monday, May 30, 2016

Trending in Pastels

Good Morning beauties! It's a pleasure posting again in less than a week.. Well today it's all about pastels, over this year we have seen a lot of collections were the main center are these beautiful colors, one example of this is Giambattista Valli which is one of my favorite as also Delpozo.. I mean their runways are INSANE, so the clue here is not about buying the entire collection for yourself because obviously it's really expensive what the point is: inspiration, that you need to get from watching and paying attention to these outfits.

Mixing and Matching it's fundamental when we are getting ready for any appointment we have, example: Brunching, we always get to ask ourselves like what I should wear when I'm going to take breakfast but also lunch and still want to look classy and a bit casual? Well.. the only thing you need to do is go and seek your entire closet and I'm sure you will find something great.

Style is one of those things that every single person has, you may not be knowing all the 2016 collections but your sense of style is always there with you..that's the thing it always going to define you, if you are a skirt type of girl, go grab your skirt!! I mean if that is the thing that makes you comfortable, do it!! how you feel is how you project yourself it's always like that.

So pastels, they are tons tons tons of colors that you can use and take to consideration when you are in a warm city like me or even more in spring season, I mean pink, soft yellow, hazel blue, white, etc. These are really good options and they are a thousand more.

So how to style your look? Here you have my choice for last sunday brunch

So my recommendation is to:
1. Be Creative 
2. Wear something that goes with your style not just because it's trending and
3. Be comfortable with what ever your choice may it be

Have a wonderful day! See you guys in the next post 
xx Laura 


Sunday, May 22, 2016

Things to keep in mind before traveling...

Rise and Shine to all the future travelers out there!
Today I was thinking how to organize all the things that implies my love for traveling, personal experiences and recommendations... as you may figured.. this is something that it could not be wrote in just one post, I like to explain things very neat and not let anything missed.

So for today I'm writing about the first steps you need to keep in mind before you get there basically, this is more about my personal recommendations based on all the times I've traveled either with my parents or friends, so yes this traveling theme is quite long because they are so many points to cover.. so as first things first , I'm doing this list for all of you,  please take it as a special recommendation before you get to your dream destination!!

Later on I would be launching the second part of this post which are the 10 main destinations you should meet before anything. 
The things you need to keep in mind are basically all above, please take note!

1. Setting your budget is fundamental whenever you are planning to travel to a national or even international place, you need to settle your priorities, speaking right from my experience when I'm traveling I always try to leave all my expenses previously paid, I don't like to travel with too much money I mean bills and coins because they are a lot of pick pockets so I need to feel secure that if something happens I don't going to be left homeless or without a car or anything so it's also a organization matter.

Try to investigate before you are setting your budget because many countries are usually more expensive from where you live, for example if you are travelling to Paris and you are in America, they are many expenses that are going to appear sudden, for example if you want to go to a restaurant such as Angelina or Laduree in Champs Élysées you have a certain price for staying at the restaurant  and another price way more cheaper for taking the  order to home.

So my recommendation is to settle a budget and add an extra amount for occasionally expenses that you don't saw coming or you just dismissed while you were planning.

- Very Important: please make sure of not leaving your purse at any moment!! Personally I always travel with this little kangaroo bag inside my pant or skirt or whatever I'm wearing but it's inside my clothes literally, it always carry my passport, credit card and I'D and it's like no way possible that someone could rob me.. in this cases I don't trust anyone!

2. Transportation these could work very different while you are in Europe or in America, that is because in Europe it's more easy to just take metro as 90% of people do, because first you save time( a lot of time!) and obviously money and second, in Europe you are not going to find that often places to park as in America, you usually need to park your car on the streets sometimes it's not that secure, so please if you prefer buy metro tickets!!

In America it's a little bit different sometimes it turns out better to rent a car, that obviously depends on the destination, except for New York city, the first time I traveled to New York we decided to rent a car, Worst Decision EVER!! the traffic in New York it's horrible, first and second we needed to park our car very far from where we were. So basically if you want to save time take the metro I don't like it much, but now a days you also have Uber option which I recommend, it only depends on the state you are going and obviously: your budget.

The situation completely changes if you are going to Miami, having a car there is a MUST! yes, I personally don't recommend to take buses, because they make you expend a lot of time due to the many stops you need to do before reaching your destination, but this is obviously an option that works totally if you want to save some money.

So do the research first, because sometimes we think we are taking the best option that works in our country, but we are doing the contrary, so use Google! please.

3. Culture could often change if you are travelling from one continent to another, so comprehension is a must and please if you don't manage well the language please make sure to download all the translator apps because you are going to use them!

In case of knowing perfectly the language use it as an advantage, knowing people from different countries  is part of the plan when you are discovering new places.. this should be the fun part too!

From where I stand right know I think that is very essential to live a life in a wanderlust mode, so when I visit these places, I always try to speak with people that is native on that city,

I usually tend to ask for recommendations, obviously I previously do a certain kind of list of all the places I want to meet when I get there, so when someone tells me one place that I have already on my list then is must going.

4. Landscapes and all the special places as monuments or patrimonies are a must when you are visiting a new city, here it is very important your organization, whenever I travel I always have schedule of the day, which contains all the places, restaurants and things that I must do in one day, so basically I make sure of never forgetting any of them because usually they are thousands of places you want to go, so try to organize on a paper or by notes on your phone all of these in order to accomplish all of your destinations.

5. The research part and the places you guys resort are very important so make sure of having them while you start planning your trip:

-Booking your flight it's the first step, now a days there is a lot of competition around companies but I often use

-For your hotel accommodation and also if you need to rent a car, use; they have excellent rates, I personally think it's probably the best.

-Trip Advisor is one of those apps I love the most, you could see ratings, best places and other interesting things when you are trying to meet different places in one city, so you must have this app.

6. Basic Recommendations:
- Try to pack very lightly, we are sometimes a little shopaholic so don't missed the chance to buy a lot of items at your destination.

- Make sure to pack basic medicines, with the weather changes you could have the risk of catching a flu.

- Before you are leaving to the airport make a check list of all the documents you will need! You could always forget something..

P.S. This may sound random, but please if you are paying with your credit card make sure the site has a padlock next to the https, frauds on internet now a days are very common.

I hope this is useful for you!
With love, Laura.


Sunday, May 15, 2016

The daily battle between your love for food and being healthy

Hello! Today we meet again in one of my favorite days of the week: Sunday.. Well well today's topic is one of the most claimed by people which is How I stay so thin if I'm always eating in restaurants? Actually this theme it's very but very common around bloggers, we are always tasting new places in order to give you our personal recommendations.

I consider myself as an actual foodie I'm always trying new places, restaurants, desserts.. everything that involves food because let me tell you Julia Child was very right about this: people who love to eat are always the best people: accurate but you need to have a balance, Always.

So is this an actual battle? that depends on yourself.. your mind is so powerful of doing whatever you attract to it

Speaking right from myself I am now really comfortable with the fact of doing cheat-meals and having on the other side a balance life, eating very healthy and yet very delicious... it doesn't need to be so hard!

You just need to be very determined, organized and FOCUS, this word is essential, because let me tell you temptation it's difficult!! besides from all my love for food, sugar and many of these not so healthy plates, taking care of yourself and determining what it's actually best for you elevates your self- esteem in ways you can't even imagine plus dedicating 1 hour daily to an exercise routine it can be miraculous for you.

I mean they are days for example on wednesday's it's like the middle day that is not to far for weekend were I just start killing myself with all that pictures of food that I seek around all the social media specially on pinterest and those instagram food accounts, but I just tell myself  I only have 2 days left to reward me for all of the hard work that I've been doing during the whole week,

So when Saturday arrives I immediately start to plan the perfect spot to brunch, lunch and dine.. I adore adore to brunch on Sundays, for me it's like the proper way to fuel up the last day of the week.

So how do I do it?  

1. As I said previously being determined is a total advantage, I have an organized schedule for all my meals, my cheat cleans in case of starving for something like a hamgurguer, or sushi whatever it is, I always have a plan B, 

How could I make this meal in the healthy way?..

Well yes it can be possible you just need to search a little youtube for healthy accounts this is the 2nd thing you should try for example recommendations for recipes wich I will be posting some of my favorites on future posts as also exercise routines in case of exercising yourself at home. I always go to a gym but I tend to do this sometimes on the weekends.

My number one is Sascha Fitness, I trust her so much she is so prepared on every fitness aspect that she talk's about, so start looking for some inspiration, now a days the fitness theme is so common that you can  find very easily a lot of info down on the internet so start looking now!! These are some my favorites fitness accounts on Instagram:

- Sascha Fitness
- Camila Guper
- Toned tanned and fitness
- Home.abs
- Michelle Lewin
- Nutritionstripped

3. Be creative!!
Every plate that you made entirely to yourself needs to look and taste good, Try to play with colors!! Make this lifestyle a fun part on your daily life.

Always keep in mind that you can do tons of junk food in a healthy version and you will get the same satisfaction, this is all a process .. later on your body will thank you this! the main thing here is to not lose focus.
Always remember: " One bad meal won't make you fat just like one good meal won't make you skinny."

Have a lovely fun and sun-day sparklers!!
 xx Laura

Friday, May 6, 2016

Mother's Day is almost here!!

Hello beauties!! As you may know mother's day is getting closer and I know prob. many of you are still wondering about the perfect gift for your mother, grandma, aunt, etc etc. So today I'm going to give you several ideas on how to surprise that special person under 5 possible options,

So here we go!

1. Try to not only include only material things on your gift, details are always first and remember is your mother she is  giving you everyday the best of her so be creative!!Try to add something emotional to your gift, it can be either a picture, a letter or if you have time why not a video?

Last year I remember we build a path of pink roses and when the path finished its was her gift with a beautiful flower bouquet and letters from all of us, so try to put all the extra mile, it´s more than worth it!

2. Know your mom! this is specially very important because sometimes we look for gifts that we specially like and we totally forget if she might going to use it or maybe don't.

3. Don't let your mom cooks or clean that day.NOT POSSIBLE, these are all that little details that i'm talking about.

Instead of that take her to brunch or even more cute take breakfast to her bed and wake her up with that, in my house we have this tradition in which we prepare brunch, we cook her favorite dishes and then we wake her up and we all take breakfast together, it´s really special.

4. If you are planning on buying something really special try to buy her things that she can use everyday and it can have a special meaning for her, example: a jewel piece, she might use on every occasion, a perfume or a purse.

5. In case of don´t having any kind of clue on what gift you can give to your mom, go with her or give her a bonus on that amazing store she likes, but here it is very important that you make something special besides that bonus

Please let them feel proud and amazingly happy that day because our moms and grandma's deserved the best!! o and also if you are not living in the same country/city of your mother please send her something that makes her feel special, flowers may sound cliché, but this is really a beautiful detail to keep in mind!

I hope this help you a lot!
with love


Wednesday, May 4, 2016

About me

Hello loves! Today is actually my first post!! I'm so excited about this new path, I really love reading and writing so I hope you guys enjoy my day time experiences, recommendations as I keep it up. I will post about my outfits, getaway's, favorite books, healthy recipes, etc..

I've always been an advocate of keeping things very classy and simple as also the beauty tricks that all girl should now, with travelling experiences I had discover this passion so it would be my pleasure to give up some of my favorite places, restaurants, in all the countries and places I've been.

Also it is very important for me that you guys know that keeping a balance in our live it's very important as having a healthy way of life but also enjoying life guilty pleasures yes.. food.

Lately I've been so encourage from some of you to start officially a blog. I'm already thinking what should be the first topic that I wrote about. I have several ideas but as first things should go first, I think you guys should know me a little bit a better so here they're some:

10 Facts about me:

1. I'm a Colombian with 23 years old, I'm a Capricorn and I just got my professional degree from business

2. I adore flowers. Hydrangeas, Tulips and Peonies are my favorite.

Since little my mom has thought me that if you want to decor your house the most natural, pretty and yet elegant way.. bring flowers. Always

3. I love everything that involves fashion as magazines, designers, new trends and styling;

I think every person has this certain type of style that describes your personality and for me fashion is art.. you are expressing yourself through your clothes.

4. I love romantic and comedy movies such as The vow, which is probably my favorite! 13 going 30 I mean I've watched this movie like a thousand times and of course Me Before You.

5. My closet is like half black and white and just 20% color, I'm crazy about this; plus you never go wrong between these two.

6. I have a crazy obsession for perfumes and candles like I need to have a scent for every single occasion in my life, like when I'm going to a party, when I'm going to dinner, before getting into's too funny sometimes.

7. Exercise rules my live in such a positive way.. it's like therapy for me.. some people love going to the spa, well I go to the gym.

8. I love everything in white, like my room, my plates, my sheets... everything.

9. I have this thing for animals.. My parents have always think that my house could be perfectly a zoo and I will be thrilled of happiness if this someday could happen. Actually I just adopt a baby pet.. on my future posts I will tell you guys this beautiful experience of adopting a beautiful creature from the street. I mean you never ever going to regret it.

10. I love Sundays and Mondays for some people this may be weird, but the reality is that Sundays is family time for me I usually go for lunch with my parents and my siblings ( actually my sister, my brother lives in Canada), go to my grandma's house and to church.

On Mondays I conceived them as Fresh Starts.. Because is the day 1, on Mondays I have the best and yummiest breakfast of the week.. around this day I only wear bright colors and I usually start eating very clean and healthy because on the weekends I tend to get a lot of cheat-meals which I love.. you will be hearing this more often as I keep my blog.

Wish you all a wonderful day! and thank you for being here reading my first post.
Much Love! Laura
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