Wednesday, May 4, 2016

About me

Hello loves! Today is actually my first post!! I'm so excited about this new path, I really love reading and writing so I hope you guys enjoy my day time experiences, recommendations as I keep it up. I will post about my outfits, getaway's, favorite books, healthy recipes, etc..

I've always been an advocate of keeping things very classy and simple as also the beauty tricks that all girl should now, with travelling experiences I had discover this passion so it would be my pleasure to give up some of my favorite places, restaurants, in all the countries and places I've been.

Also it is very important for me that you guys know that keeping a balance in our live it's very important as having a healthy way of life but also enjoying life guilty pleasures yes.. food.

Lately I've been so encourage from some of you to start officially a blog. I'm already thinking what should be the first topic that I wrote about. I have several ideas but as first things should go first, I think you guys should know me a little bit a better so here they're some:

10 Facts about me:

1. I'm a Colombian with 23 years old, I'm a Capricorn and I just got my professional degree from business

2. I adore flowers. Hydrangeas, Tulips and Peonies are my favorite.

Since little my mom has thought me that if you want to decor your house the most natural, pretty and yet elegant way.. bring flowers. Always

3. I love everything that involves fashion as magazines, designers, new trends and styling;

I think every person has this certain type of style that describes your personality and for me fashion is art.. you are expressing yourself through your clothes.

4. I love romantic and comedy movies such as The vow, which is probably my favorite! 13 going 30 I mean I've watched this movie like a thousand times and of course Me Before You.

5. My closet is like half black and white and just 20% color, I'm crazy about this; plus you never go wrong between these two.

6. I have a crazy obsession for perfumes and candles like I need to have a scent for every single occasion in my life, like when I'm going to a party, when I'm going to dinner, before getting into's too funny sometimes.

7. Exercise rules my live in such a positive way.. it's like therapy for me.. some people love going to the spa, well I go to the gym.

8. I love everything in white, like my room, my plates, my sheets... everything.

9. I have this thing for animals.. My parents have always think that my house could be perfectly a zoo and I will be thrilled of happiness if this someday could happen. Actually I just adopt a baby pet.. on my future posts I will tell you guys this beautiful experience of adopting a beautiful creature from the street. I mean you never ever going to regret it.

10. I love Sundays and Mondays for some people this may be weird, but the reality is that Sundays is family time for me I usually go for lunch with my parents and my siblings ( actually my sister, my brother lives in Canada), go to my grandma's house and to church.

On Mondays I conceived them as Fresh Starts.. Because is the day 1, on Mondays I have the best and yummiest breakfast of the week.. around this day I only wear bright colors and I usually start eating very clean and healthy because on the weekends I tend to get a lot of cheat-meals which I love.. you will be hearing this more often as I keep my blog.

Wish you all a wonderful day! and thank you for being here reading my first post.
Much Love! Laura

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