Monday, May 30, 2016

Trending in Pastels

Good Morning beauties! It's a pleasure posting again in less than a week.. Well today it's all about pastels, over this year we have seen a lot of collections were the main center are these beautiful colors, one example of this is Giambattista Valli which is one of my favorite as also Delpozo.. I mean their runways are INSANE, so the clue here is not about buying the entire collection for yourself because obviously it's really expensive what the point is: inspiration, that you need to get from watching and paying attention to these outfits.

Mixing and Matching it's fundamental when we are getting ready for any appointment we have, example: Brunching, we always get to ask ourselves like what I should wear when I'm going to take breakfast but also lunch and still want to look classy and a bit casual? Well.. the only thing you need to do is go and seek your entire closet and I'm sure you will find something great.

Style is one of those things that every single person has, you may not be knowing all the 2016 collections but your sense of style is always there with you..that's the thing it always going to define you, if you are a skirt type of girl, go grab your skirt!! I mean if that is the thing that makes you comfortable, do it!! how you feel is how you project yourself it's always like that.

So pastels, they are tons tons tons of colors that you can use and take to consideration when you are in a warm city like me or even more in spring season, I mean pink, soft yellow, hazel blue, white, etc. These are really good options and they are a thousand more.

So how to style your look? Here you have my choice for last sunday brunch

So my recommendation is to:
1. Be Creative 
2. Wear something that goes with your style not just because it's trending and
3. Be comfortable with what ever your choice may it be

Have a wonderful day! See you guys in the next post 
xx Laura 



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  2. Love you post. I especially appreciate your styling tips that are so sound and true.




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