Sunday, May 15, 2016

The daily battle between your love for food and being healthy

Hello! Today we meet again in one of my favorite days of the week: Sunday.. Well well today's topic is one of the most claimed by people which is How I stay so thin if I'm always eating in restaurants? Actually this theme it's very but very common around bloggers, we are always tasting new places in order to give you our personal recommendations.

I consider myself as an actual foodie I'm always trying new places, restaurants, desserts.. everything that involves food because let me tell you Julia Child was very right about this: people who love to eat are always the best people: accurate but you need to have a balance, Always.

So is this an actual battle? that depends on yourself.. your mind is so powerful of doing whatever you attract to it

Speaking right from myself I am now really comfortable with the fact of doing cheat-meals and having on the other side a balance life, eating very healthy and yet very delicious... it doesn't need to be so hard!

You just need to be very determined, organized and FOCUS, this word is essential, because let me tell you temptation it's difficult!! besides from all my love for food, sugar and many of these not so healthy plates, taking care of yourself and determining what it's actually best for you elevates your self- esteem in ways you can't even imagine plus dedicating 1 hour daily to an exercise routine it can be miraculous for you.

I mean they are days for example on wednesday's it's like the middle day that is not to far for weekend were I just start killing myself with all that pictures of food that I seek around all the social media specially on pinterest and those instagram food accounts, but I just tell myself  I only have 2 days left to reward me for all of the hard work that I've been doing during the whole week,

So when Saturday arrives I immediately start to plan the perfect spot to brunch, lunch and dine.. I adore adore to brunch on Sundays, for me it's like the proper way to fuel up the last day of the week.

So how do I do it?  

1. As I said previously being determined is a total advantage, I have an organized schedule for all my meals, my cheat cleans in case of starving for something like a hamgurguer, or sushi whatever it is, I always have a plan B, 

How could I make this meal in the healthy way?..

Well yes it can be possible you just need to search a little youtube for healthy accounts this is the 2nd thing you should try for example recommendations for recipes wich I will be posting some of my favorites on future posts as also exercise routines in case of exercising yourself at home. I always go to a gym but I tend to do this sometimes on the weekends.

My number one is Sascha Fitness, I trust her so much she is so prepared on every fitness aspect that she talk's about, so start looking for some inspiration, now a days the fitness theme is so common that you can  find very easily a lot of info down on the internet so start looking now!! These are some my favorites fitness accounts on Instagram:

- Sascha Fitness
- Camila Guper
- Toned tanned and fitness
- Home.abs
- Michelle Lewin
- Nutritionstripped

3. Be creative!!
Every plate that you made entirely to yourself needs to look and taste good, Try to play with colors!! Make this lifestyle a fun part on your daily life.

Always keep in mind that you can do tons of junk food in a healthy version and you will get the same satisfaction, this is all a process .. later on your body will thank you this! the main thing here is to not lose focus.
Always remember: " One bad meal won't make you fat just like one good meal won't make you skinny."

Have a lovely fun and sun-day sparklers!!
 xx Laura

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