Monday, February 18, 2019

Matching Patterns and Textures Together

I've been posting so many red outfits ideas lately, I'm a really big fan of colourful tones and because the season demands it, is really accurate to give ideas on how to mix and match in a different way this color.

While winter happens, we must embrace it and what is better than layer over layers!? I've received so many comments on how it is possible to look stylish when is so freaking cold outside?

My answer to this is: First, get to know your closet and start matching your layers, under this thin coat I have 3 layers underneath which includes: my sweater and two blouses under.
I added the red skirt to give this outfit a life plus the leather will make you feel warm, lastly the tights are so important here, it totally changes the way your outfit look plus it's also a cool way to mix textures, lastly, the boots are one of those leather goods you must-have in your closet.

Outfit Details: Coat and Skirt: Zara  Tights: Shein Boots: Bill Blass


Monday, February 4, 2019

A Valentines Work Day Look

Each year that goes by we keep on the search for the perfect attire for Valentine's Day, it is true that dressing out all red everything will never get old but is also great when we try something different for once. Also, when it comes to going to work that's something that we might want to think a little bit further.

What I love about this look is that is classy, sweet and very appropriate for the day.
The pastel pink is different than the powerful red but it still goes with the occasion.
Another thing I really like are the wide leg trousers because they make my legs look longer and the final touch where the sleeves on the blouse, they accentuate the upper part and the also create a balance on the entire outfit.

Details on the look:
Trousers and Blouse: Made in Colombia by a local designer
Platforms: Bill Blass
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