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House Tour: Where to Buy Home Appliances & Decor

2019 was a year full of changes, I didn't expect a lot of things that happened, but I guess they are part of growing up.
Moving out to another apartment and starting everything from scratch was one of the biggest moves I did this year. I got to admit that I have been enjoying every second of it, playing the role of being an interior designer for my own place is something I've always dreamed about, but I'm not going to lie,  it has been very stressful too because I did all of this by myself in just one month.

I started planning everything from mid-October, 2019 and the first thing I did was finding the perfect apartment, I was very lucky because I literally found the apartment that I'm living now in the first day that I started my search, although, I didn't make my decision until I saw other options because I needed to be sure that this was the right place for me.

With that being said, I started a list of all the things I needed.
This list was chaotic at the beginning because I literally needed everything! 
I started prioritizing all the things that where a need and what other things could wait.

95% of the items I bought, I found them online.
I ordered many appliances through Umbra and it was so helpful because their items are very affordable, modern and useful.
I'm linking here some really good deals that I found:

I got the golden mirror that I'm actually using as a tray here: Prisma Mirror I honestly love it because it gives such an elegant touch to my living room.

If you guys know, there's a lot of rain in Vancouver so I also ordered a stylish Umbrella Stand, I have it aside from the main entrance and also a Shoe Dry Rack because I don't like to wear any shoes inside of the house.

For my Kitchen Appliances,
I'm so obsessed with the Sensor Pump, I find this so useful and my guests always talk about it.
I also find it very convenient having a Sink organizer for all the sponges and brushes.

Also, recycling is a topic here so I ordered these Trash Cans to recycle my paper and plastic containers.

I also changed my Kitchen Countertops with a marble contact paper, I actually saw this on Youtube so I decided to do it and it looks amazing, I ordered 4 of them.

Here are the links for some useful Amazon appliances I also got:

For my furniture,
I found the most gorgeous velvet dining chairs at Structube
Also, the gold lamp is from there as well.

For the couch, coffee table and even my bedroom headboard,  I got them from Wayfair, I know there are a lot of persons that are little sketchy buying things like these online but I've never had a problem with them, I always read the reviews and these are basically my guide before buying anything.

I honestly love how convenient is shopping here because first, they ship everything right to your house and it's free after $75.00.

For the Flatware,
I got the gold flatware set at CB2 and I'm also linking some other options at the end of this post.
For the cute gold, black and white plates I got them from a local store in Vancouver called The Latest Scoop

For the white rug and blanket, I got it from Home Sense.

Also, I got the most convenient and useful organizers from Ikea and Umbra as well.
I have them inside my closet and kitchen, they are honestly the best thing ever, I use them to keep my flatware, plates and other appliances organized.

For the bathroom, I got a Flipside Shower Caddy to organize all my shampoos and bath salts.

Finally, I'm linking here options that I've also found online that might work for your decor if you love everything gold as much as I do.
Hope this article turns useful.
x. Laura

What to do in Whistler for a Day

The most magical place to go in Winter is definitely Whistler, I felt blessed for having the chance to go for this season, we got all the holiday vibes on fleek.
So if you are planning to visit for a day please keep reading!

As I live in Vancouver, Whistler is such a convenient location because is just 2 hours away from us, going for a day is totally normal.
They are different ways of getting there, but in case you don't have a car I recommend you book a round trip ticket with Epic Rides.

Once you get there and if you are new, please make sure to go to the customer service at the Whistler Village (the bus will leave you there) and make sure to ask for a map.

After that, they are tons of plans to do, personally, I love to go for breakfast because their local coffee shops are incredible.
Pure Bread and Moguls Coffee House are my two favorites, they have the most amazing pastries!

I have to admit that I love to walk around because everything feels so magical (just like the north pole) and also is such a good place to capture the beauty of winter wonderland (see the pictures down below) 

Last time we went, we signed up for an Ice Skating Session at the Whistler Olympic Plaza, it was very sunny and they were playing Christmas music so it was perfect! We spent two hours there so we decided to go for lunch after that.

They are so many restaurants in the area and if you are in the mood I personally recommend the ones that are close to the Whistler Blackcomb because they are always playing music out loud and the people are all happy around. 
The vibe is amazing.

Also, If you are 21(+) I suggest to visit the Ketel One Ice Room, it is actually the coldest bar in the world but it is totally worth to try it.

Finally, it is obvious that Whistler is the most famous for Skiing and Snowboarding and if you are planning to do it, I recommend to leave a day for doing it because you will want to take advantage of the time to spend in the mountain plus you will end up tired.

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