Monday, March 20, 2017

The kind of vest we need to have in our wardrobe

Since I moved to a cold weather city, I've always dreamed of having a faux feather vest inside my wardrobe. The reason why is because I love how it looks with an almost whole black everything outfit like mine earlier today, it was definitely so cozy and very pretty to wear. I love to hunt for local based brands, and this time I teamed up with Pink Martini, since I received the vest I was thinking on show you guys how great it can be styled and in such an easy way, I mean who doesn't have a great black piece inside their closet right?! I opt to match this vest with leather leggings and a cashmere turtleneck to make it more elegant, simple and warmer! because believe me, it's still freezing outside.

Thanks for reading!
xx. Laura
In collaboration with Pink Martini 

Friday, March 10, 2017

What I eat on my cheat day Vs What I eat every day

Hi Lovelies! Today I want to share with all of you how I get to balance my diet during the week days vs the weekends, from Monday to Friday I try to eat very clean, I love organic products and I really enjoy the moment of waking up and having something delicious to eat, they are so many options when it comes to healthy breakfasts so I always put my effort to the cooking part and trying to make something different every day, so I don't get easily bored. 

Even though, I also think it's very important being able to enjoy going out and having fun during the weekends as meeting new restaurants, this time I went to Cacao 70, a new place in Vancouver, I totally recommend it.. the hot chocolate, the marshmallow pizza and the chocolate fondue.. a to die for experience when it comes to chocolate!

 My Every Day

I love the Homestyle organic waffles from 365 Everyday Value, you can find this brand at Whole Foods, or you can also make them by yourself using oatmeal, eggs, stevia and almond milk.
For the toppings I love frozen fruits with pecans, almonds and the sugar free syrup. 

Whole Wheat Gnocchis with chicken breast, this is actually one of my favorite healthy plates, they are all 100% whole wheat which is great. 

This dessert is the best thing, what makes it so amazing is that it doesn't have any carbs! I mixed the peanut butter with the Hershey's natural unsweetened cocoa, 1 spoon of coconut oil, 1 egg,  1/4 cup of  Truvia and I melt dark chocolate.. so simple and delicious. 
For the proportions it all depends on how much quantities you are planning to make.

Chickpea salad with tuna, spinach, feta cheese, corn and mushrooms. 
For the dressing, I love to use balsamic vinegar because it gives more taste and it doesn't add many calories to the entire salad, you just need to be careful to buy one that doesn't have too much sodium. 

Thanks for reading!
xx. Laura

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Matching the statement sweater

Good Morning to all Black Lovers!

This was my outfit for yesterday, and my god I received so many compliments for these two pieces, the first one was this culotte type of trouser with the upper bow from Zaful, which was lovely and also the crop top sweater, it was my first time wearing a top like this during the winter (I was freezing!), what I really loved was the movement that it gave to my outfit, starting with the amazing sleeves, I think that was the first reason  of why I chose this sweater, and the neck detail I have no words for that... so unique!
As the sweater is so detailed you need to be careful with what kind of trouser you decide to combined it with, so for this time that's why I decided to pair with black pants.. and well for the pants, I love that I can used them for any occasion, whenever I'm going to dinner, or to work, they are so versatile and that's my favorite thing, so always when you are going to choose something you want to buy, think of how many times you will use it and strategically match it, so it doesn't look repetitive, but smart-fully matched.

Wish you all a nice weekend.
xx. Laura

In collaboration with Zaful
Further details: Sweater and High Waist Pant
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