Thursday, July 25, 2019 / Vancouver, BC, Canada

Summer Essentials, What I Like To Keep Inside My Bag

With beach days calling, I want to share some of the few things that I like to keep inside my bag these days.

There are 5 main things for me:
1. A good Sunscreen, I feel this is the #1 essential. 
I started using Neutrogena Hydro Boost since last year and it has been the best sunscreen because is not greasy, doesn't have any smell and it also helps to hydrate your skin, is really amazing.

2. My one and only wave spray from The Ouai
 Keeps my effortless waves on fleek.

3. A good Hair Pin to avoid having all the hair in my face.
 I got a really nice combo in Amazon here is the link: Amazon Hair Pins
 I'm also linking more in the shop box down below.

4. My monthly scent from Skylar
I always love to keep one bottle inside my bag. 
Receiving these seasonal fragrances is so on point, the size is so practical that they travel with my everywhere.
5. The Anti-Frizz Sheets from The Ouai
These sheets are lifesavers, the fact that I can take one sheet with me whenever I feel that my hair is getting frizzy is amazing, I don't need any iron machine in my bag because this little thing gets the job done in seconds.


Tuesday, July 23, 2019 / Vancouver, BC, Canada

One Item, Two Different Looks

Have you guys noticed how The Snake Print trend has risen since last year?
 I got to be honest with you guys I love the print but I won't ever buy any real snake good, I only stick with the print.

Overall, I love the way this print accentuates an entire look, I'm so passionate about neutrals,  I played a lot between the white and black tones here but hold on... this outfit is not what you all think it is.. this is not just a top and a skirt.
The "blouse" you are seeing here is actually a dress and I decided to style it as a top to give you guys two different perspectives and ideas on how to wear the exact same item in two different ways for the Summer Season.

I got this dress from Shein last year for my vacations in Colombia and I only wore it once because when I came back was winter time so it was definitely impossible.
I thought of giving this dress a total makeover, I changed everything, I opened two of the buttons to make it wider, I styled the sleeves totally different and then I played a lot with mixing different accessories, I made it more classy this time, the dress itself is a bit more casual, so here you have 2 styles, 2 different occasions.

The Actual Dress

2 styles, 2 different occasions.


Friday, July 19, 2019 / Vancouver, BC, Canada

Denim Skirts to Wear this Summer

Who doesn't love a good basic piece to mix and match multiple times?
 If there is something that never changes when I'm deciding what to wear and is to start from a basic piece, in this case, the skirt.  Honestly, this tip has made me safe so much time! is easier if you to start planning with the basic/neutral items you have inside your wardrobe.
 I got this skirt from a new Canadian brand called Finding July, I have other items from them and I honestly love the L.A. vibe, I'm so glad that a brand like opened in a city like Vancouver because it was much needed, we already have enough with the leggings and sweat pants brands.

A fun fact is that this top and sunglasses actually belong to my boyfriend. 
I wanted to give a little spike to the blog and just experiencing new things related to fashion to demonstrate that it's all about having fun and try new things. 

Getting back to it, a denim skirt is a good item to pair with anything, it gives me the chance to choose how am I going to elevate my look, either with accessories, a top, shoes or just creating a nice balance between all of these. Click through to pictures down below


Thursday, July 11, 2019 / Vancouver, BC, Canada

Where to Shop Summer Dresses

I clearly have a thing for white.
This color it's my main thing when it comes to getting dressed, styling my home and even my Instagram feed.
Truth is, white makes everything better, it accentuates the tones and everything overall.

I got this dress from a Vancouver based brand Finding July, I meet their owner, Zoe, in a pop-up store event and I was amazed by their unique pieces,  what I love about it is that she brings a lot of different and unique styles and not too many quantities of it so it's more exclusive and their prices are very affordable.   
Honestly, there is no much to say about this look, pictures speak from itself, this dress is magical from every point of view, the fabric, style and little details like the sleeves make this outfit effortless to style but it looks so well put together once you get dressed.


Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Best Products For Your Waves - Meet The Ouai

Back to my teenage days, I remember how I started to develop this addiction to hair products. Not to be kidding but I've tried thousands of different hair products throughout my life, from fruits to real products, I've done and tried all the kind of things that they say they are good for your hair, even putting egg whites, and oatmeal as a hair mask (ugly truth).
So yes, I've learned a lot about the nutrients and best ingredients that the hair really needs.

With that being said, I feel quite an expert when I'm speaking about products and brands in this topic especially. Right now, I'm obsessed with waves so here is one of my current favorite hair brand's which is The Ouai 
Here are my favorite products that I've tried from this brand and all the things that I recommend you guys to try to achieve any kind of curls/waves.

Let's get started with the products:

You don't need an entire collection to achieve the perfect curls, I recommend 5 basic products to get manageable and shiny waves.

1.  Meet The Memory mist 
This product is made to protect your hair from the heat which is essential when you are using either a hair curl or iron straightener, it is also made to extend the shape and texture of any hairstyle, this means that it keeps your waves together for a longer period of time.

Seriously, this product has been everything to me because I remember when I use to wash my hair 1 or 2 days before getting my waves done so they will last me longer, well...with this product this task is not necessary anymore.

2. Use the best Hair Spray
As my hair is very straight I can't do my waves without using any Hair Spray, they are different levels of intensity for this product, I like to use the medium. 
To be honest, I have been loving this hair spray because the ones that I've purchased before they tend to very sticky to the point you can't even brush your hair, this one is totally the opposite.

3. For Loose and Effortless Waves, get The Ouai Wave Spray
I remember that I first got this product in the travel size because I randomly saw it next to the cashier in Sephora and I fell in love with it after a couple of uses.
I feel this product is like a 2x1 because is like a perfume for your hair and it also does all the job, it gives a nice and effortless look to those loose waves. 

4. End up your routine with 3 drops of Hair Oil
This is The Ouai best seller oil and I can totally tell why.
This oil is all about getting deeper hydration of your hair, it makes your hair to look shiny and healthy, plus it is also a UV protectant!

5. Last but not least, Anti-Frizz Hair Sheets
These sheets are made with coconut oil, hemp paper, and shea butter and to be honest I think
technology went too far when they launched this product because they are so on point, practical and easy to carry. The pack includes 15 sheets. I like to keep one inside my purse and I'm more likely to use them more afterward when I'm outside of the house and things can get frizzy you all know.

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