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Statement Accessories that are Currently Trending

There is no doubt that accessories are the main key in every outfit. 
Speaking of this 2019, they are 5 main items that you will find a lot these days.
Let's start with our main protagonist:
  Hair Pins, E-V-E-R-Y-W-H-E-R-E.
I adore this trend just because you can get very playful with the way you style your hair. From a simple ponytail, a bun or either with curls, you can get so creative.
I got mine from Couturist, this one especially is very comfortable because it doesn't fall off. I personally love the pearls and gold combination, it's very sophisticated yet simple.
All Chanel Vibes with a Tweed Vest
This is a good accessory especially now that we are transitioning from Winter to Spring.
This traditional fabric, very Chanel, makes this outfit a total statement thanks to the details on the buttons, and overall, the fabric makes it all.
Shrunken bags
It's clear that in Fashion size does not matter. This handbag trend keeps ruling in the Industry more than we thought, this tiny bags they do give an especial authenticity and personality to every outfit even though, you might only be able to fit your credit cards.
50 Shades of Gold
When it comes to styling your jewelry, gold has taken all the spots.
This tone has a very authentic character and its that it can basically be paired with any color and it will look good. 
Gold also matches perfectly with Pearls and this is another big character trending nowadays. You will be able to find accessories with these two colors basically everywhere, starting from Forever 21 to Oscar de la Renta, to set just examples.


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