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Healthy Smoothies and Overnight Oats for Breakfast?

One of the perks of being on Facebook nowadays is definitely getting to discover new business ideas, not sure if this sounds weird but actually this platform had helped me to discover great companies and services. This is exactly how I got to discover this Canadian business subscription called 
Revive Organics is an smoothie and overnight oats subscription
I call it the breakfast bible because with the gym and work I don't have much time to spend to make a good healthy smoothie, bowl or even more to leave my oats overnight.
The good thing about it is that it only takes me 2 steps to make my breakfast every morning, it takes me no longer than 15 minutes, I like to turn the "smoothies" into bowls just because I found them more filling and I tend to eat less during the day.

The 2 simple steps I follow:
1. I add the following ingredients to the blender:
- 4 to 5 Ice cubes if it's for a single portion, 
The Revive Organic Pint ( I recommend you guys the Morning Mocha and the A├žai Twist, these are my faves!)

Then add, - 1 Cup of water or if you prefer almond milk 

- 1/4 Tsp of Xathan Gum to make the smoothie thicker,
(This makes so much difference on the texture, as the fruits are all freeze you'll get the appearance of an ice cream, just don't add too much water or milk if you want this kind of thickness.

2. Decorate / Add Toppings:
To make this smoothie into a bowl, you'll need:
 -1/2 Banana
-1/4 Tsp of Hemp Seeds
-1/4 Tsp of dark grated chocolate
- 1/2 Tsp of Mixed Nuts
- 1/4 Cup of Granola
- Peanut butter (I love dipping the spoon inside the peanut butter jar to cover it entirely this will make the flavours more even in your smoothie as they're all going to mix together.

The best thing of all? You can get a 50% using my code "Laura50"
Can't wait to show you guys a lot more more.
Stay tunned.
 X. Laura


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