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Instagram Deleted My Photos - Story

You will never know how you are going to react to a situation like this until it happens to you.
Just a week ago, Instagram decided to delete 700 and something photos of my feed, including stories and highlights.

This is how it all started:
I remember I was trying to upload a picture that morning when I suddenly received a notification from Instagram asking me for my phone number in order to verify my account, it didn't seem odd at first because it all came from Instagram. Seconds after, I received a text message with my verification code and after that... Boom! hundreds of pictures immediately disappeared! with no explanation and without doing anything wrong.

I got to admit that I did panic at first because of all my current and past collaborations and the time that I've invested in creating content! to me, it didn't make any sense because I've been very loyal when it comes to my following numbers and I did know that there was something going on with the app because I also started receiving many messages from other bloggers saying that they were experiencing the same issue.
 I immediately googled the situation, but nothing up to date came up, my second action was Twitter which gave a better explanation of what it was going on.. a lot of people were also experiencing the same thing! 

DON'T PANIC if this happens to you, no matter your following numbers, if you are a blogger or not, this is called an Instagram Glitch.

The company will "disappear" a big percentage of your content for 48 hours, including some of your Instagram Stories and Highlights. Again, don't stress, this will come back eventually, but you will get shadowbanned for a week, which means that your hashtags will not work. This is very unfair and I've been dealing with this, my reach has decreased and for this reason, I've been trying not to post much until I get this thing off.

I know at least I got my content back but the real point of this situation is that our lives, mood, and career shouldn't depend on one platform. This is why is very good to have Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and your website altogether if this is what you make for a living. If you are a blogger or content creator make sure to have all your files saved, I use Google Drive and Icloud for that.

Another good thing to do now is to request from Instagram a file from all of your posts including videos and Instastories,  Go to the top right of your profile (you will see three lines, then click settings, then head to privacy/settings 
lastly, scroll all the way to the bottom and select download data) 
You will receive everything you have posted including what you or they have deleted.

Let me know if you have any questions
x. Laura

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