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Summer Style: 5 Ways to Elevate a White Simple Dress

With Summer just around the corner, I wanted to share these 5 tips that will help you visualize how to turn a simple white dress into a classy/trendy look. 

1. Get extra, speaking of your accessories, of course.
Why? This is one of the ways to elevate your look. For example: Look at the big black and gold ring, I personally love how bold yet elegant it looks especially because I don't have too many things going on in this look, also, speaking of it, I decided to include texture which is really important to the outfit so it doesn't look super basic, I added this leather clutch that I'm currently obsessed with as it is very practical and so bold as well.
One last thing, the sunglasses. I tried to pair all my accessories very good here but with an idea of bringing an effortless look overall. I love the contrast of these 3 items together and at the end, the way they paired with all the pieces that I picked for this outfit.
In this post, I styled a classy white dress and turned it into something casual yet sophisticated for any time of the week.

2. Thinking about Shoes:
The greatest thing of wearing a neutral piece is that you can decide the colors, style, and design of any item you want.
I love styling chic dresses with sneakers because it gives an effortless vibe.
Another great thing is that if you have plans for later you will only need to change your shoes and nothing else.

Being practical is everything, there is nothing better than feeling comfortable with what you are wearing, getting all your tasks done within a fashionable way is so doable with the sneaker trend.

3. Now, Speaking of the hair...
Right now, they are so many ways to style your hair, have you seen the hair clip/pin trend? I'm sure you do and I'm so into it, you can create a whole look from this.
I really love curling my hair, I have the T3 Whirl Trio Interchangeable Wand and I love it because I'm able to create a look between waves and curls.
I really wanted to stand out from the regular way I've seen these hair clips before so this is why I pulled my hair to the back and added these clips.

You can find great options here:
Etta Collective
Yes Style

4. Include a Statement Blazer
This fashion- forward item has turned into a big trend nowadays.
The main reason? They are so many ways to style it.
To me, its all about the silhouette, cut and fabric.
I love this one in particular because is in tweed with big and gold buttons so it gives a very sophisticated yet casual end, I've styled it in so many ways, with mom jeans, a pastel look, and all white everything.
Shop the Jacket here 

5. Add motion, but how? 
Although I picked a white simple dress I really wanted to make sure to give a little fun to the outfit, so in this case, pick something that you can get playful around, this can be: any statement sleeves, a nice cleavage, ruffles and or flares.

I have linked some examples at the end of this post.


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