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3 Products You Should Try From Pixi Beauty

Being a Pixie ambassador has given me the opportunity to try a big percentage of their products.
Considering the fact that every skin is different, I will speak directly from my point of view.

What type of skin do you have?
 This is the main factor you need to consider before you shop for any beauty product.
My skin type is a combination of dry and oily skin,
With this being considered, is time to move forward!

This product is amazing for dry skin, if you have oily skin please forget about this product.
I received my first bottle during winter and it kept my face hydrated in the cold season, the smell is great, you will the difference after using it for 7 days.

This product is great for eye bags, dark circles, and eye puffiness.
 I've stored mine inside the fridge to get better results, so far I'm very happy using it twice a week.

I love this mask when I get breakouts all of a sudden.
The mud helps you to balance the skin, what this mask does is that it draws out all the impurities after 15 minutes.
The Glow Mud Mask is one of the signature products of Pixie


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