Monday, October 9, 2017

Bring Color To Your Outfits To The Next Level

First of all, Happy Thanksgiving!
Today, I wanted to bring up the importance of wearing colors in our daily life! I love colors, the energy and radiance they inspire it's fantastic! Red is a warm and strong color...We all know, but what many of us do not know is the psychology behind every color we wear every day. As an example, I love starting the week using happy colors, I  love black, but I always try to stay away from it when it comes to starting something new. The reason why I do this is because I feel renewed, motivated and radiant, wearing colors to boost your mood is a great way to start the week!

The fact is we have so many colors and for every season we have a new trend, we should embrace them in order to feel different, but furthermore to fuel up our energy.

Wearing bright and new tones we are not always using gives us vivacity and happiness. We can get a lot of fun by using colors.

As a tip, try of pairing them with neutrals as white or nude, it all depends on the tone and of course your style!
Thanks for reading
xx. Laura

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Why To Start Using Creams On Your 20's

My mom has always said to me that one of the best investments a women should do is to spend on good creams... I can tell why she is right. Establishing a skin care routine is very important as the skin is our body's largest organ and furthermore because our skin sheds itself daily! Personally, I think that is never too late to start getting conscious on your routine, prevention is a lot easier as it takes us less time and money than having to see a dermatologist or a surgeon. 

Since a couple of weeks ago, I began using Origins products. To be honest, I still feel happy about receiving this box especially now as it started to feel colder, it's essential to take care of our cutis during these times of the year as our skin tends to get very dry. The first product I unboxed was the Peppermint Spot Relief, I recommend using this one on the neck and forehead after having a long day, the sensation this product provides I got to say is very relaxing.

Now talking about a good moisturizer, I admit that I have tried many other creams before, but for this High-Potency Night-A-Mins, no kidding is totally different! I adore this renewal cream as it contains Vitamin C, E and H as also moisture-rich which is great when you are sleeping. To be sincere, the orange smell is great as it is calming but furthermore the soft texture of my skin in the morning after I wash my face is amazing!

For exfoliation, I started doing it weekly, I decided to choose Mondays as on weekends I expose my face to long hours using makeup. The Clear Improvement is a powder to clear pores as it's water active it turns into a creamy effervescent cleanser. I like to leave it for 2 minutes because is more like a mask-exfoliating product.

Thanks for reading!
xx. Laura

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Till Next Year Summer!

In a sunny and beautiful tuesday afternoon, I decided to went out with a white blazer and a pair of white jeans, matching it with this gold top, I got to say that the fabric of this blouse is outstanding because of it's unique color.. to me that's what makes the total look with the gold accent of the accessories, I opt to match it with an all white combo so the detail of the blouse and the fabric can be more even.

It's a little bit sad to say that Summer is over now! Going out with a only blazer and not a thick coat was kind of great! Now it's time to get along with the winter weather and the chic layered outfits, my favorite!

Hasta la vista
xx. Laura

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