Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Baking Madeleines for Valentine's Day

These are the cutest madeleines made from home, I bought the pan from the grocery store. This is such a great recipe, fun to cook and incredibly easy! 

These little cakes are perfect for hosting a brunch, as an entry, dessert or as snack, they are simply 
so g o o d !

What I simply did, was:
 I took -1/4 cup of regular flour
- 1 spoon of Caramel extract
- 1 large egg 
- 1 spoon of Coconut Oil
- Honey or Stevia ( Spoon size is optional )
- 1 little spoon of Baking Powder

I put the eggs, coconut oil, caramel extract and honey on one side and the flour mixed with the baking powder on the other, then I combined both until getting a thick mixture. The rest is just to add the blend to the pan and let it inside the oven for 25 minutes until they are ready! 
This was my breakfast on Sunday and I loved it

Wish you all a great Valentine's Day!
x. Laura

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Colombia and It's Magical Cities

Has anybody wished before to have a pause button whenever you are vacationing? This is exactly how I feel right now, every place in Colombia I'm sure is magical, from the first moment you visit you will keep coming, that's how it is.
Every city has its own glow. As I'm from the coast, all the cities around are very close going by car, you can easily rent a car and meet 3 different cities in less than a week. 
Barranquilla is amazing for its history, restaurants, and people and Cartagena is my favorite weekend getaway, always sunny and beautiful this place is always a paradise whenever I come to visit.

Buying a cold coconut and strolling around is something mandatory, as also discovering new and different restaurants, getting to museums, the nightlife is great too. From am to pm you will always find something new to do, I recommend the trip to the islands, they are breathtaking! if you are planning to come, please make sure to book one day at Islas del Rosario or Baru.

The best decision from escaping the cold is always coming here, waking up in this kind of warm is all I can ask for.

Wishing you all a great day!


Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Cartagena And It's Colors

After a full day being at different airports and catching connections, I finally arrived to Colombia. This time of the year is my favorite of all, I get to see my family, friends, and also I get to enjoy the beautiful landscapes and weather that my country has. Not because I'm Colombian I'm saying this, but I have never seen so much diversity, colors and happy people in any country ever, being here is such a paradise and I try to enjoy every minute of it.

Of all the cities I have been in the past, Cartagena still and is my favorite one. I feel blessed every time I get a stroll inside La Ciudad Amuralla and capture pictures that will always remain with me, is funny because my parents don't understand sometimes why I'm always with my camera capturing all the streets, doors & balconies around, the truth is that being a blogger is not easy at all as people use to think. 

Even though I love traveling with them because we are all so funny, making pranks between each other, I truly enjoyed every little detail starting from the quality time with them, the amazing food and unique restaurants, doing exercise at the beach, walking around and of course tanning.

Thanks for reading!
xx. Laura

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