Saturday, July 14, 2018

Reasons to start wearing wide-legged jeans

I've been a huge fan of Wide-legged pants for a long time, legs look longer, the outfit looks better so why not? 

Now that denim has taken all over speaking of the most famous trends in fashion, I got to say I'm 
l o v i n g this style way more than before, is really easy to pair this pants and my favorite thing is that they fit in every occasion.

Here 5 main reasons:
1. They're super comfortable: Moving with them is so easy! plus the feeling is way better than wearing normal skinny jeans,  there is no such thing as wearing baggy jeans with style. 

2. From casual to elegant: This is probably one of the things I liked the most of this day, as you can see this was photographed on the daylight when I was wearing sneakers, after this, I transformed my look for dinner with some stilettos.

3. They are rarely seen and so unique: Probably this is not everyone's style... I know that, but I love trying new things, always, seeing myself in different kind of looks is so interesting because you get to learn more on how to mix and match your items inside your wardrobe.

4. So easy to match with any top: The great perk of wearing denim is that you are the queen on what color you decide to wear, jeans match with almost everything... 90% of the times.

5. They are perfect for any shape: You can't go wrong with this style.. my obsession is that with this style legs are for days!

Thank you for reading!
xx. Laura


Sunday, July 8, 2018

Steps to Make a Beautiful Pitaya Bowl

Bowls are such a fulfilling meal, preparing them is so easy, on the go and healthy.

Start the day with a boost of energy:
The first thing to do is to freeze the fruits one night before making your bowl.
You can buy them already frozen or cut them in pieces and just take them to the freezer.
 I often have bananas cut in halves and small pieces of pitaya/pink dragon fruit
if you want the bowl with a consistency of almost an ice cream, it's essential to have the fruits already frozen. 

How to prepare the smoothie bowl:
Ingredients to add inside the blender
- bananas + pitaya (both already frozen and cut into chunks)
- add 4 ice cubes
-  200 ml of almond milk ( or the milk you prefer)
- 1 little spoon of Vanilla extract
- Stevia or Splenda
The toppings:
This is the part where you can be very playful, I always like to add different toppings because I tend to get bored of eating the same things constantly, here I added the following:
- Homemade granola
- Bananas + strawberries
- Shredded coconut
That's all, you can add pieces of protein bars, cheerios, dates,  almonds, chocolate nibs and more fruits to make it bigger... it is so simple and so so good! This is such a good day to fuel up your day

 Eating healthy is so delish! 
x. Laura


Monday, June 25, 2018

Style your summer outfit to the next level

A graphic tee combined with a nice blazer will always give a good touch to your look.
You can decide to pull it with jeans, shorts or a skirt.

A light Summer blazer
is a great accessory to make your outfit to stand out. 

Ideas on how to style it:

- Monochrome white is always chic 
Try to add a pop of color to the top, also think about the purse you'll wear and off course shoes. 
In this case, I opt for white sneakers as they are so comfy and they easily pair with everything.

- The classic black blazer will never disappoint 
I love the idea of pairing funny and colorful dresses with gold accessories.

- The classic double-breasted blazer with shorts and white sneakers
This is such a great idea of looking casual with a pop of elegance. Like you even try it to make it look cool

In order to make a statement look, try to play with accessories. I love the idea of combining gold accessories: as bracelets (without exaggerating them), rings, layering necklaces and a adding a purse with a pop of color.

These are the brands I recommended for accessories:

Next thing up, check out some cool monochrome looks to copy this season.
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