Friday, December 7, 2018

Cool Leather Looks, All Winter Long

Textures, layers and black is all back! As more cliché that could sound.. you can never go wrong with this color.
Overall, this year introduced us so many incredible trends as also many of them came back from previous years.
 The snake print is one of my current favourites because of the versatility it has when it comes to match an outfit. Speaking of this one, I decided to bring texture to this look with my hat, leather pants and definitely this top I got from Zara a couple of weeks ago.
At the end, I loved how this combination it all worked out; I pulled a cozy, comfortable and stylish look for a sunny day in the City of Vancouver.
Thank you all for reading!
x. Laura


Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Fresh Prep Deliveries: Making a Healthy Bowl in 15 Minutes

I remember back in the day how boring my Sundays where... I basically was one of those that spend more than half of my day cooking my meals for the upcoming week. Thankfully I'm all done with that!
In this point of my life I have figure it out that time is my most valuable asset and I hate so much when I feel I'm wasting a percentage of it in something that will not generate any impact on my future.

Eating healthy has no discussion for me... is part of my day-to-day, even though sometimes is really hard considering all the temptations out of the door and moreover when you don't have much time for shopping groceries and either for cooking, or at least you have it but you don't want to spend it all in these.
Well.. Thankfully I saw an ad on Facebook and then I discover Fresh Prep.

This company, I got to say with all my honesty has exceeded my expectations in so many ways, starting from the fact that:
1. I can pick my menu and my hours of delivery. They have vegan and non vegan options which is amazing.
2. No more grocery shopping, at least for dinner time which has been super convenient.
3. All meals come all chopped, with spices and everything you'll need.
4. They come for 2 so if you want to cook something fancy for someone in 10 minutes... this is so doable! believe me.. I've done it in less than that.
5. and It's all HEALTHY! my favourite thing.
It's just to make a click and just cook.
Thanks for reading! Start your trial today using my code: INFSPARKLE18 to get $30.00 off your first order, I guarantee you won't regret it.

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Styling The Teddy Coat

Aside from the comfort of wearing almost your duvet, this trend has officially survived several winter seasons now. The teddy coat movement is one of those fashion blessings... it warms you up from the cold and it matches with almost everything! Seriously sometimes I even want to sleep with it. 
 The good thing is that with this coat you are able to be your own fashion guru, you can style in so many ways and it will look super cool anyways.... If you want to keep it casual you can style it with some jeans I have even wear with my satin pj's to do grocery shopping and no kidding it looks super cool, this time I wanted to show another way to style it, plus you can't go wrong with all black everything anyways, am I right? I honestly love when you purchase something and you can style it in some many ways, this coat is this kind of item, you will feel so good after getting it and it will keep so cosy all winter long.
Now, In a hunt for one? There a thousand of styles in the market and for any kind of budget, you can easily find them online from $50.00 and ahead , these are some good examples and they have in multiple styles and lengths
To be honest, visually there's no much difference between the cheap and the high-end ones.. at the end they all look like a teddy, puffy and extra cosy.

Outfit details here:
Coat and Gloves: Shein
Purse: Chanel
Sunglasses: Céline
Clothes: J.Crew
Watch: Porsamo Bleu

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