Monday, February 4, 2019

A Valentines Work Day Look

Each year that goes by we keep on the search for the perfect attire for Valentine's Day, it is true that dressing out all red everything will never get old but is also great when we try something different for once. Also, when it comes to going to work that's something that we might want to think a little bit further.

What I love about this look is that is classy, sweet and very appropriate for the day.
The pastel pink is different than the powerful red but it still goes with the occasion.
Another thing I really like are the wide leg trousers because they make my legs look longer and the final touch where the sleeves on the blouse, they accentuate the upper part and the also create a balance on the entire outfit.

Details on the look:
Trousers and Blouse: Made in Colombia by a local designer
Platforms: Bill Blass

Thursday, January 31, 2019

V-day Ready: The Classic Red Never Gets Old

Isn't crazy that just when february hits everyone gets in Valentines mood? I really love the vibe of going out and checking how stores and restaurants turn everything to red. It might be cliché but you gotta stick with the good classics, this vibrant color will always make us to stand out from the regular and neutral tones, it is also import knowing how to mix and match it.

If you want something comfortable for the day, this is the kind of look you should adapt, is simple, elegant and very stylish. I'm the kind of girl that loves taking risks but always sticking with the classics.
This outfit is made to embrace all your Valentine's mood and for brunch anyone? it is also very adaptable for the evening if you just change your shoes.
The all white look makes this outfit very elegant itself and the pop of red makes the whole look a statement and good enough to keep you warm in these winter days.


Tuesday, January 22, 2019

How to get Exercise Motivation?

How easy it is for you the fact of setting a goal? As humans, we set goals every day, but getting the motivation, constancy and discipline with no expire date.. that's the tricky part.
In order to create a habit you need 21 days, so let’s continue.

They are always 4 things to get you somewhere:
1. While you're looking for a change, get started. 
2. Seek something you think you will love and enjoy with no ending. 
3. Don't be too hard on yourself. Start at your rhythm and you'll keep this lifestyle more than if you start changing your life dramatically.
4. Look up for inspiration, people you admire and motivate yourself.
5. Embrace to change. Forget of having the same routine, you will not only get bored but so your body... it will get use to it.
6. Don't be too hard on yourself. Start at your rhythm and you'll keep this lifestyle more than if you start changing your life dramatically.

Back in the day, I remember when I was always rejecting the fact of doing exercise and getting myself on the move because I was skinny already, and how mistaken I was...
Thankfully, things always happen for a reason and in my case, it took me 10 pounds to get myself started into this amazing world.
I'm glad to say I do exercise every single day, except for the weekends, I embrace the fact to start my day doing something that fuels my energy up and keeps me active through out the day.

Personally speaking, I hate to do the same workouts and being monotonous just lacks me off so much, so this is what I do:

I go to Steve Nash, every morning around 5:45-6:00 am, my thing has always been attending to classes, I really enjoy the fact of training with other people and having and instructor that helps me on my workouts so I know when I'm doing something wrong.

Also because you get so distracted, that you don't even have time to think, just to move. 

Look up online for these classes, you won't regret a thing:

- Tabatha classes, they are mortal.. in a good way. You literally train every single muscle of your body with your own weight which is great! a good alternative to these classes are 3D Core and the Drill + Hills, they have so many options, you just need to check the schedule for everyday in here: 
- Spinning, This is my favourite of all! I do it on Mondays (... you know after eating all weekend), Wednesdays and Fridays.
I love this because the energy, music and the environment itself it's incredible. These are often 40 to 45 minutes classes and you sweat every single second.
- GT12, The small training group is something that SNFC recently released. They are 12 stations per session and each of them are high-intensity interval training so you literally sweat every second you and let me tell you, you'll see results sooner than any class ever!

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