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My Honest Experience Trying Evive Smoothies

Good Morning Guys! Cooking healthy is part of my daily life and since a month ago or so, I had the chance to try all the smoothie flavours from Evive.

Evive is a Canadian and plant-based company that has redefined the term of frozen food with their healthy smoothies and lunch cubes. One of their main goals is to make people's life easier by making smoothies ready-to-go. Today, I wanted to give you guys an update on my thoughts now that I have tried all their 24 smoothie flavours and lunch cubes as well.

With this being said, Evive has made my life so much easier especially because I take my breakfasts to the office from Monday to Friday, I usually leave my breakfasts ready the night before and on the weekends I like to spoil myself with big breakfast bowls aside from my oat milk/almond cappuccino.

I'm a sweet tooth person and my favourite smoothies were the Cashew Mocha, followed by the Passion Mango and Asana smoothie. They are all high in protein, not that sweet (I like to add a little bit of honey or stevia) and then I build my bowl with the ingredients I have at home.

For their lunch options, I just got to say I love them. I have been making carbless pasta non-stop and my favourite flavour is the mac-squash. For this last one, I'm planning to make a video on what do I eat in a day, I will show guys how do I make this dish for lunch over Instagram reels.

Now, going back to the breakfast segment

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I'm leaving the link of their website here: EVIVE 

How do I make my smoothie bowls?

First, I add all the cubes from Evive into a jar/bowl, you need to make sure your smoothie has a good consistency, don't add too much water or milk if you want to build a bowl.

Once you have your base ready, think about the ingredients you want to put.

Ingredients that I like to use:

I like to bake my own bread at home. This time, I made a healthy pumpkin spice bread with coconut and almond flour.

Fruits: Sliced bananas, cherries, blueberries, raspberries, are some ideas. 

Personally, I like sliced bananas for my bowls.


In this bowl, I used shredded coconut, cocoa nibs, and nuts.

and Voilà.

Healthy smoothie bowls have been one of my favourite breakfasts for a long time since they are fulfilling, delicious, and healthy.

X. Laura


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