Thursday, January 7, 2021 / Vancouver, BC, Canada

Staycation Weekend at The Sutton Place Hotel

A couple of months ago,  I started thinking of the idea of doing a staycation weekend here in Vancouver with some of my girlfriends, and with all this year's craziness, I really needed something like this to get out of the house.

Honestly, I feel this experience was everything and I highly recommended it for any person who is looking to do something fun without the need for traveling.
This time, we did a girl's weekend which was super nice because we ordered takeout, we had wine, watched chick-flicks and obviously, we got amazing photos of this view which was breathtaking.

The Sutton Place Hotel is located in the heart of Downtown, Vancouver. 
I got to say that from the moment we checked in, the service was 10 out of 10, the experience overall was fantastic.

Everything was COVID safe, we checked in on a Saturday night, we didn't see many people around the lobby just the staff who gave us the instructions. 
The hotel itself is beautiful, it has a gym, pool, liquor store, and one of my favorite restaurants in the city, The Boulevard Kitchen & Oyster Bar.

One of the best parts is that we had the chance to stay on the top floor at the Premium Grand Suite, probably one of the best views you will ever see of Downtown, plus it is also very spacious.

An aside note, they have a Nespresso machine which was great for me as I love to have my coffee right away when I wake up.

Overall, we did lots of fun activities inside of the hotel, we ordered room service the next morning, their natural juices were delicious, we ate a lot overall, but all good food.

In the evening, we had the chance to try their Prix Fixe menu, which includes three courses, I highly recommend their roasted cauliflower (is bomb).

Lastly, on Sunday night we celebrated with some drinks and snacks inside the room as we were glued to the fantastic city view.


Tuesday, January 5, 2021 / Vancouver, BC, Canada

My Solution For Maskne in 3 Basic Steps

One of the things I have struggled with the most and I still do is my skin.
This topic is not as easy as I have tried thousands of products with no response. 
The problem is not the products I have tried, but my beautiful and crazy hormones.

I found this out thanks to a consultation with my dermatologist a year ago or so, and since then, I started being more conscious about my skin type and the best products to use for combination and sensitive skin.
Everything seemed to be under control until COVID arrived.

COVID has been a thing for me since I'm using maks when I go out of my house, I started getting Maskne a couple of months ago.

Today, I want to be brief and straight to the point on the 3 main things that helped me to recover from this issue.

My solution for Maskne in three steps:
First things first, if you have sensitive skin I recommend that the mask you are using is disposable and you change it every 2-3 hours after one use, you can't imagine all the bacteria that we accumulate in that zone.
I got a set of 100 masks on Amazon, it has been life-changing for my skin.

Second, I started using every 2 days a clay mask that I also got from Amazon.
I usually apply on the days that I have used the mask for long hours and I mix it with apple cider vinegar, I leave for 10 mins max. 

Third and the last step is to limit yourself to not use many products because that will make your skin go crazy.
I started trying Skinceuticals products thanks to a friend of mine. 
These products are not cheap, but they are all very effective, you get what you pay.

Products to get for Acne-Prone and Maskne issues:
I got their famous blemish + age defense it has been a glory to me since it dries my pimples very fast, you can even feel a slight burn on the pimple once you apply the product.

Phloretin CF is another amazing product from Skinceuticals made especially for dry and sensitive skin.
 I started using it to help my scarring, this product is basically a highly concentrated Vitamin C, that contains 2% Phloretin, 10% Ascorbic Acid (which is vitamin C ), and 0.5% Ferulic Acid.
I started using it three weeks ago and I'm already seeing the results, you need to be consistent with the usage so you can see changes after a month.

Remember to keep it simple, don't combine lots of products together, ask for professional assistance before you get to buy or use any products.
I know what I'm using because I have asked my dermatologist about these products in the past and she approved them considering my issues and type of skin.

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