Saturday, April 29, 2017

Always A Pop Of Color

I'm such an enthusiast of wearing pale colors with a pop of color because it gives such a sophisticated look, highlighting an accessory has always been one of my favorite things about pulling an outfit. This time I went for pink tulips and I think it was more than a cute contrast to my outfit.

Just couple of months ago, I found a great store in Vancouver. Coutourist, is an innovative brand, located in Robson Street, and what I really love is all the local and international designers they have, which bring us in a lot of options! when it comes not only to clothing, but to great accessories as this lovely scarf, that I can't get enough!

Personally, I adore so many things about this combo, starting with the scarf which has this gorgeous rose tone combining perfectly with the white top, the sleeves are more than a great detail, they are not not only trendy, but they are also very appropriate when you are pulling a one color outfit together, making a total chic statement..sleeves for days are my lately crush! this time, I decided to wear the top just one off shoulder, but it's totally wearable with both off shoulders. The last touch, was the green accessories, the pop of color with the white it's so girly, but yet sophisticated.

In Collaboration with Coutourist Canada 

Friday, April 28, 2017

My Final Exam Was A photoshoot!

A week ago, I was struggling about finals, except for this course. Fashion styling is actually one of my favorite courses since I started studying fashion merchandising, I'm currently coursing my second term
(they're three), the final exam was making a streetsyle photoshoot of something you love.

I decided to showcase myself as I'm a blogger, and the downtown streets of Vancouver and also capturing the things I love to do in a sunny afternoon, which is strolling around the city and of course grabbing coffee.

A spice of color, was another interesting thing I decided to pull out in these pictures, I love spring and it's just the perfect time to start wearing and mixing colors, especially those ones you've never imagine you could mix before, like this purple top and the red blazer.

This was all about fun, and getting creative, which has been always a thing I've support in order to see yourself different and moreover to change those conventional colors we regularly use to pick for our everyday.


Tuesday, April 11, 2017

The Perfect Place to go on a Date

Good Morning Everyone! Ladurée is one of those places that have stolen my heart. Since my first time visiting them in Paris, I felt something special about it. The Parisian vibe is very strong in here, everything is elegant and definitely romantic. 

My recommendation for today is to take your date for brunch, dinner, or just to grab a coffee.
The place itself is amazing because firstly, it's very private and quiet with music playing in the background, which is great because you can perfectly mingle with people and listen to each other. Something to consider: their menu is beyond exquisite!

The franchise has been in Vancouver for one year, and it's always a pleasure for me to visit them whenever I can. 

What to order?
We opt to mix the sweet and salty: Pain Perdu a la Framboise, which consist of the toasts, they came with the raspberry jam and the Rose Chantilly Cream.
If you want to share, I recommend something salty like the Croque Monsieur with Emmental Cheese. 

For Coffee:
It all goes to preferences. I love the Latte because you can make it by yourself, it comes with the milk and coffee separate. 

The Macarons: 
I personally recommend choosing the basic ones such as chocolate, vanilla, pistachio, and raspberry because I feel some of them can taste very artificial.

Here are some personal recommendations before going on a date:
1. Be on time. 
2. Dress on the occasion - not too much, but not too casual. Forget about deep cleavages, and stay classy
3. Don't think too much, just enjoy the moment and be yourself. If it's meant to be, it will.
4. Always keep the conversation, ask things about him/herself.
5. Avoid talking about politics and religious topics.
6. Don't be too strict or too formal, there is a big difference between manners and being serious. Try to add a fun spark to your date. Make him/her laugh.
7. Flirt with class. Smile and touch your hair, but don't exaggerate.
8. Always remain truthful from your beliefs.
9. Be modest, don't talk too much about yourself!
10. Behave your manners while you eat, it's very important to know how to manage all the social behavior manners on the table, for example, to know how to hold a wine cup.

Thanks for reading!
xx. Laura


Thursday, April 6, 2017

It's Pastels Time

Rise & Shine Everyone!
I feel so blessed about sunny days, as here in Vancouver it's raining all the time. Now, that spring season has came, I'm super excited for changes and giving a little spin to my wardrobe. Black and white are always going to be main colors, but for this time I decided to mix them with softer tones so I can highlight the spring vibe. At the end I will have a great seasonal outfit, without changing my entire closet. As it's still very cold outside I paired this look with my high knee boots with tights and the black & white skirt (available at Zara) combined with the pastel blue top and the grey coat. I really like the balance between the grey color and the soft blue, it looks very delicate, yet elegant -highlighting the gold accessories from my outfit.

Wish you all a nice day!
xx. Laura
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