Friday, April 28, 2017

My Final Exam Was A photoshoot!

A week ago, I was struggling about finals, except for this course. Fashion styling is actually one of my favorite courses since I started studying fashion merchandising, I'm currently coursing my second term
(they're three), the final exam was making a streetsyle photoshoot of something you love.

I decided to showcase myself as I'm a blogger, and the downtown streets of Vancouver and also capturing the things I love to do in a sunny afternoon, which is strolling around the city and of course grabbing coffee.

A spice of color, was another interesting thing I decided to pull out in these pictures, I love spring and it's just the perfect time to start wearing and mixing colors, especially those ones you've never imagine you could mix before, like this purple top and the red blazer.

This was all about fun, and getting creative, which has been always a thing I've support in order to see yourself different and moreover to change those conventional colors we regularly use to pick for our everyday.



  1. You look amazing laura! Love you styling and you pictres are maazing.

    Isabel |

  2. It's awesome that you get to do something you actually already love as your final exam! Definitely passing it with flying colors! ❤


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