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Where To Get Dermal Fillers in Vancouver, BC

If the idea of getting fillers has been on your mind, please keep reading this post!

We all know how popular dermal fillers are right now, they are a convenient option for those who do not want to submit to painful surgery.

To me, it all started years ago, when I noticed I barely had a chin, all my life I thought I was going to get surgery in order to get chin implants, but we are in 2021!! so I obviously opted for chin fillers instead and it was the best decision.

The process of searching and finding a good clinic took me around 3 months, I called, googled, and visited a couple of them but no clinic convinced me until I found Skin Technique.

I called Skin Technique and booked my first appointment with Dr. Pavlou, who is the leading expert in skincare and medical aesthetics in Vancouver.

Dr. Pavlou is a recognized doctor in the city, he is professional, honest, and straight to the point, when it comes to fillers he is the best one in town, I always felt I was in good hands, and to me, this was such an important part of the process because trusting the person that you are putting your face to (literally) is fundamental.

About the procedure

I was a bit anxious at the beginning because a couple of friends of mine told me it was going to be a painful process, but from my point of view, it was not. 

I'm not afraid of needles (thank god)

The procedure lasted 19 minutes in total and I got 2 syringes, I do recommend not to drink alcohol at least one week before getting them done, I was bleeding a lot during the process because I had wine on the weekend.

Is not something very relevant, but is a recommendation that you should consider.

The Results

The results are almost immediate, you will see the change right away, but not entirely until the swelling goes away completely, this can take 4-5 days.

The day after, I was able to do all my day-to-day activities, I did exercise as usual and everything else. 

You also should not have any alcohol 1-2 days after the procedure.

That is another recommendation.

Swelling is also completely normal.

My Before and After

Skin Technique is located in Yaletown, Vancouver.

I have shared the entire experience with videos on Instagram and TikTok.

Feel free to check them out @sparklepiece


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