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3 Hair Products That You Need To Start Using For a Healthy and Shiny Hair

Have you stopped to think about how many hours in a week do you invest in your hair?
Speaking from myself I would say I spend more than the usual amount as  I love to apply hair masks once a week and doing curls have always been my thing.
With that being said, we also damage it a lot! with all the heat, sometimes we don't even use the proper shampoo!! plus all the contamination and daily tasks we need to do, like exercise to set an example.

So here we are, I decided to do this post because I have been asked a lot even in the streets what do I use to have my hair always looking healthy and shine and well, my routine isn't that complicated as I only have 3 main products that I use very often if not daily.

1. Starting with the Dry Shampoo
I love using the Coconut Miracle Oil from OGX after going to the gym when I'm basically running to get to the office. 
It leaves my hair like clean at least for 1 day and the smell is amazing. 
I won't recommend this shampoo if you have dry hair because this one especially is very dry.
Another great option I love to use is the Coconut Exotic Tropical from Batiste, you won't go wrong with this one because it works wonderfully for all types of hair, although the scent is stronger than the previous one plus I would say my hair looks cleaner for much longer with this shampoo.

2. For your Waves

I started using the Ouai products from a couple of months now and I have been loving them.
In fact, I love to carry the wave spray in my bag because first, the travel size is perfect to carry, I love the beachy effect it gives to my waves, very effortless and it smells incredible.
3. For Straight Hair
As I like to leave my hair to rest during the week, from Monday to Thursday usually I like to keep naturally straight and so, I love to use hair oils on my ends to keep it shiny and healthy.
Two years ago, I got the opportunity to work with a local brand called Redavid, I fell in love with their Orchid Line, which I rebuy because it works incredibly.
The oil that I use after my hair is dry is the Orchid Oil Treatment, it comes in two sizes, I have the smaller one, you don't need to use much of it because it's greasy obviously with one-two drops is more than perfect, you will see the difference immediately. 


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