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Trending: How to Wear Your Boyfriend Shirt

Wearing my boyfriend shirts has been one of the coolest things I have done in my blog history.
 Carlos didn’t expect this at all, men sometimes don't understand our sense of fashion they just go along with it, so showing him that I could look good with his items was part of the plan too. 

Whenever you are struggling with what to wear your brother/dad/boyfriend shirt is the answer.
I honestly enjoyed this so much because there are so many ways of styling an oversized shirt and making a statement and unique outfit from it.

This is a great idea for Summer, I decided on the basic cotton shirt with a blazer to give a nice end to my outfit, I love this casual look because is comfy, light and perfect for the season.

Outfit details
Male Shirt and Sunglasses: Banana Republic
Skirt: Finding July

Now, my favorite item of all is the cotton button-up shirt, I got to say there are tons of ways to style this shirt. 
I made a kind of crop-top as the denim skirt is high waisted and I wanted to create a balance of my figure.
But honestly, you can try to wear it as a light jacket, dress, and the shirt as is just open 3 to 4 buttons with a nice bralette underneath.
Lastly, I wanted to share this styling idea that I'm loving and I recently saw on Marc Jacobs Instagram page featuring Margaret Zhang using the basic bf shirt backward, which is a different and cool idea on how to style a male shirt.


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