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Spring Transition Looks For Day and Night

I took these pictures on Saturday which is busy days for me usually, I wake up to make breakfast and then I get ready for a long day. I try to use my weekend time very wisely, I spare time between my blog, friends, boyfriend, and running my own personal errands, this usually involves shopping for groceries, picking up mailboxes, attending to events, taking pictures, etc.

 Whenever I know my day is going to be hectic, I brainstorm all the things I need to get done in one day (bullet points on my notes are crucial!) 
I like to keep everything written down so I don't forget anything, including an outfit that I can easily modify day/night in order to accomplish everything that's on my plate without complications.

Planning ahead your schedule is essential, I usually have my memo notes with me, but setting alarms is also a good task to avoid forgetting things, like take the heels with you, that top, etc.

For the Early Starters:
One thing I have been doing for a year or so is to make sure I'm comfortable with my makeup and hair, so what I usually do is:

Hair and Makeup Hacks
- I like to style my hair with waves because it makes me look so well put together, I just always need to make sure to use a strong hairspray to make it last long enough from the early morning to late hours.
- As I mentioned previously, I always plan ahead my days so when I know I'm going to have a long day I usually apply a face peel the night before to protect my pores for the next day.
- Use a primer + fixing spray, an essential if you want to keep your makeup all day long. This is a complete life-saver! and there are so many great ones in the market.
I'm linking some options down below

Outfit Hacks
Play between neutrals
Why? I will give you 8 reasons

1. Everything will match 

2. You can easily stand out other colors/items like my mustard top to set an example vs the previous all-white look that I wore for the day.

3. Wear it in the day, Re-wear it at night? 
No one will notice if you combine the right accessories.
4. Functional for long days.
5. You will spend less time thinking about what to wear later.
6. Less amount of stress, where you can focus on other things and still looking good.
7. It will let you be more creative if you plan it with time. 
This will let you go through all the possible mix and matches you can get from your wardrobe and what pieces do you really need to buy.
8. Neutral colors never run out of Fashion.
Let's put it like this, a neutral piece is like a best friend, always by your side. 
If you need to go shopping and you want to purchase something that's totally out of your comfort zone, you know that you have at home will complement perfectly with that piece you are dreaming about and if you don't have you are going to use it many times..it's money conscious too.

Shop Similar Items Here:

You love petit bags but you also have so many things?! no biggy.
When you live in a big city and distances are crazy you learn a lot on this, believe me, I have mastered this task so well now that being practical is definitely my thing. 
The solution? I carry an extra bag aside from my purse wherever I go, it doesn't need to be the biggest thing ever 
 I just have to store some essentials as:
- 1 Extra pair of shoes. From flats, heels or sneakers.
-2 Extra Blouse if I'm going somewhere later, an event, meeting, dinner, etc.
-3 Makeup powder and a good lipstick and done, with these 3 things I will survive an entire day away from home and looking on point from head to toe.

You are probably thinking now where am I going to store this extra bag? 
Be witty and explore all your options, from your car,
gym locker (if it's close wherever you are going to), the hotel reception, etc, 

Outfit Details:
Hair Clips: Amazon Fashion
Blazer: Jcrew
Top and Shorts: Zara
Shoes: Bill Blass

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