Saturday, April 6, 2019

How I Got Rid Of My Hormonal Acne

Turning 25 wasn't easy at all, going back to last year, I remember how I started getting all these hormonal breakouts, to me it was all confusing because I was eating healthy, doing exercise but hormones they do suck. I'm going to tell you guys all the things and products I purchased that did good, and thank god, today, I don't have a thing.
I started flipping so many things in my daily life, these were simple hacks that did help but these were not the reason why I got cured.

1. I started sleeping more hours.
I've never been that type of person that sleep the entire 8 hours in a row, but thanks to this I started sleeping more hours and I did felt a difference specially because my body started releasing a lot of stress thanks to the lack of sleep I was having at that time.

2. Drinking more water.
Thanks to the winter and considering the fact that normal days are usually cold in here, my only beverage used to be just coffee. I was never feeling thirsty or at least my body wasn't asking me for water, I didn't drink any and this was so wrong! I started  drinking 3 to 4 cups of water per day and I felt a total difference in a week.

3. I started buying Non Comedogenic makeup.
One big recommendation I can give you guys is to start looking for Non Comedogenic makeup, this type of makeup is good when you are dealing with Acne because it doesn't contain ingredients that clog your pores and lead to cause you pimples, personally, this made a total difference, especially with the foundation I was using before and so because in the market, products tend to be the opposite of Non Comedogenic and this is why they cause us so many breakouts.

Almay, Chanel, Clinique, Elf, Estee Lauder, Laura Mercier are example of  brands out there that have included this to some of their products, this is very important to know and it's great too because you can use makeup while you are facing Acne, is just to know what options are good for you and keep away the ones that don't, I discover this thanks to my dermatologist who told me about it. I adore her.

4. Now let's get started with the things I felt a difference instantly:
- I started buying real Aloe Vera, the big plant, Yes I did. When I said I tried everything I was not kidding.  Aloe Vera, is amazing for the scars, to relieve the redness but it won't cure you just because you use it on your daily routine, they are more things to consider, like:

- What cleanser are you using? 
I got two amazing cleanser while I was facing this, and these were:
The Mario Badescu Enzime Cleansing Gel, you can find his products in Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie and many stores inside the U.S. and Canada. If not, they are all available online, perks are that the prices are very affordable and these 3 products down below were magic to my Acne, in fact, I keep using them when I'm through my period because they work fantastically.

The great things about this cleanser is that it smells amazing and you can feel that l it really cleans your skin, it doesn't make bubbles as many other cleansers but what make this product different from other out there are the ingredients.
Consequently, you can use their Rose water after, which is amazing to refresh and smooth your skin.

The drying lotion is great to dry up the pimples overnight.

Now, for the second cleanser, which I still use nowadays, is the The Tea Tree Cleanser from The Body Shop , this product is pure magic, that's all I got to say.
Whenever I get a pimple, after 2 days...that's gone. Literally, it's very simple and easy with this cleanser, and the best part? You will pay less than 10.00 dollars for it.

- I got back to my birth control pills, this is very personal when it comes to the brand because our bodies are all different, but this was also essential for my skin recovery, although, my acne was never that aggressive, but I did experienced daily-hormonal breakouts all of a sudden that lead me having scars.

- Last and best product that I've purchased! This is the Kiehl's Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution, which btw is one of their best sellers, this solution helped me to get rid of the worst part of all...the  scars.
My only recommendation when using this product being consistent with it, if you don't apply it every day you will waste your money. To me, it worth every dollar, because at the end it got the job done.. it cured my scars! I bought 2 jars, the big ones and that was all.
I applied this every morning and every night for better and faster results.

That's all guys, I'm very happy to say that I'm done dealing with Acne.
x. Laura

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