Friday, July 19, 2019 / Vancouver, BC, Canada

Denim Skirts to Wear this Summer

Who doesn't love a good basic piece to mix and match multiple times?
 If there is something that never changes when I'm deciding what to wear and is to start from a basic piece, in this case, the skirt.  Honestly, this tip has made me safe so much time! is easier if you to start planning with the basic/neutral items you have inside your wardrobe.
 I got this skirt from a new Canadian brand called Finding July, I have other items from them and I honestly love the L.A. vibe, I'm so glad that a brand like opened in a city like Vancouver because it was much needed, we already have enough with the leggings and sweat pants brands.

A fun fact is that this top and sunglasses actually belong to my boyfriend. 
I wanted to give a little spike to the blog and just experiencing new things related to fashion to demonstrate that it's all about having fun and try new things. 

Getting back to it, a denim skirt is a good item to pair with anything, it gives me the chance to choose how am I going to elevate my look, either with accessories, a top, shoes or just creating a nice balance between all of these. Click through to pictures down below


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